Thursday, 19 February 2009

Shop site

Finally posted my January swap off to Ebaby...I feel so relieved...I'll pop some photos on here when she has received it can be quite stressful, not that anyone but myself put the stress there but I'm not doing anymore as I'm going to be painting and crafting for my shop that is under construction Ha!!!!.......

Phew it's flippin hard work creating a shop when you have no idea what you are doing and I'm only doing the supposedly easy stuff at the mo jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez can't wait for the rest.
Really want to get some blanks ordered and the site finished this weekend, then the fun begins


This morning I was watching the news before I set off to work and they were discussing *Social Networking*  and how this American guy thought it was bad for you as you get engrossed in an online life and do not make real friends, well for what its worth heres my take on it................... 

I first used the internet about 8/9 yrs ago all my family husband being the main offender as he has always had a keen interest in computers and still builds them now.....anyway all 4 of them kept on at me to use the pc and go on the internet, so I did....I remember for ages being online and not knowing what to do where to look what to press ....and I couldn't see the attraction at all then........................
I found the Femail site of the Daily Mirror and I was hooked.  It was a forum of mostly women and we had a blast ....4 of us hit it off straight away and we were then asked to be moderators , which we all did ...we met in London for meet ups along with the other mods and after that we had a few more meet ups with members as well.

About 8 of us seemed to stick together so much so that we have our own private message forum still to this day ...our lives have changed some are now married , one is in Spain, one has divorced..... we have all been through variations of crap but we have been there for each other and to talk, whether on a board or in real time is brilliant as for some reason you can say to them what you wouldn't say to family or ''real-life'' friends and you can chose to either meet up or not, to answer a post or not and you are never judged 
I have met and made friends with many people whom I would never have met or chatted to in ''real-life'' as we have such different life styles or interests and this makes them all the more precious to me.



Elaine said...

Lovely post Laj, and I know just what you mean. It's lovely being part of a group like that, being accepted as we are.
I'm still waiting patiently for your shop btw!!!

Love and blessings

Anonymous said...

I, too, have made many friends online and met quite a few including some in The States..your post has inspired me to write about them in a future post. Thank you.

Shabby Chick said...

Thanks so much for your comment! I think you should go for it with the salt dough, what do you have to lose?

I'm with you about making friends online. I spend a lot of time at home with just the kids and I would go mad without "talking" to other people online. Also when my first daughter was born in 2005 I had no real life friends with young kids at the start and got bad post natal depression. If there hadn't been online forums for new mums to share experiences and ask advice I think I might not be here now :(

Mel xxx

angel said...

Oh wow Laj, that is such a lovely post.:-)

I have not made any new friends online ;-) though i live in hope.:-)

Love the fact that after all those years your still friends and still meet up.:-)

Love and hugs Honey. XXXXXXXXXX

Lace hearts said...

What a lovely post - and how spot on. Thank you for that - really inspiring. xxx