Friday, 30 January 2009

Januarys swap

Well tomorrow I am finally going to start, yes start on my January swap for Ebaby on SSC...CK themed.....
Now I will have ago at sewing ..which could be disasterous but I will try and I will definitely be painting something...Can't say too much incase Ebaby reads this and it will ruin the surprise...though I think finally receiving something will be surprise enough ;-)...but I must say I am really looking forward to painting as I haven't done any for quite a while.

This will only be my second swap but I think I will withdraw for a while as I have to get some stock ready for my shop, which I keep saying I am sorting tomorrow.....
When the word 'Procrastinator' was invented they definitely had me in mind lol.....

I blame all you out there for my shop not being ready , as when I should be ordering and actually finding a site for the shop I read another never fails to amaze me the amount of talented and gifted bloggers there are and I just lurve reading their blogs so much, they are warm, friendly, inviting and you feel you have made another friend....mmmm just lovely x

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

To ANGEL a very special lady

ANGEL....Just to say that you are truely an amazing woman ...a sincere friend .... loved by many....and funny as f.....ooops better not xxxxxx

What a lovely feeling to get an award

          Oh thank you Mary Poppins Its really lovely of you xx

Monday, 26 January 2009

An award for me wahaaaaaay !!

                                   Thank you Angel and Little Gem xxx

"The authors say that blogs who receive this award are exceedingly charming. This blog invests in proximity in space, time and relationships. These kind bloggers aim to find and be new friends. They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandisement. Our hope is that when ribbons of these awards are cut, even more friendships will be propagated. Please give your kind attention to these writers."

Well I really feel I've arrived now with my very own award and what a lovely one it is and given to me by one very special lady, making me feel very honoured and I now find I have to pass it on to 8 more people I feel deserve it ...which is a kind of easy task to do but I will do that tomorrow

I will pass these 2 awards on to 


and the last one is to ''Maypole'' from the SSC forum a lovely lovely lady who makes me laugh daily but alas has no blog...
The people I have given these awards to have either made me laugh, cry or I just plainly enjoy reading their blog 
I don't know how to  just put their blog name in DUH!! stoooooopid or what ;-(


Tuesday, 13 January 2009

My little Giveaway

These are 2 Liberty of London fabric photo frames, the portrait one measuring 16cms x 12 cms and the landscape one 13.5cms x 17cms

They do'nt have acetate or glass in them , whether they did as new I'm not sure but they ain't now!!....
If you'd like to win either of these frames just post a little comment about what photo you would put in the frame and why....oh and remember to say which shape landscape or portrait you would like to win

Good luck xxxxx

PS.....I don't know why theres a humungus gap below this post......or how to get rid of it ;-(
All suggestions gratefully received.......buggar where did that line come from......time for my bed methinks nite all xxxx

Monday, 12 January 2009

More painted stones...and Stuff????

This is my Thoroughly Modern Millie paperweight, though that is not what she is used for , she's either in the garden amongst other stones or with other painted stones on the window ledge
Theres a couple more that sometimes keep her company

I enjoy painting stones, they're cheap, cheerful and quick to do. Great for rainy days, but really I have plenty I should be doing......

Sorting these few boxes that found their way down from the loft...stuff I've not seen for years...gosh the memories come flooding back, it doesn't take alot does it.

Some of these may find their way into my shop in the ''Odds & Sods'' section ;-) but its very difficult to know what to keep and what to get rid of...I know I've not seen most of it for years and not missed it but now its back awww shucks!!!!

and there's more......

and there is still so much more in the loft, but I told OH not to even think about bringing it down yet as it is all starting to take over .....

The problem is they are all small bits & pieces and tend to make the place look cluttered thats why I think they were put up there in the first place....Well I intend to sort them this weekend and probably will as OH is home and he gives me the kick up the arse I need ...otherwise I'd be here all day !!!!!!!!

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Poorly daughter

Haven't had as much time this weekend as I thought I would for my blog ;-(.....but I hope to take more photos in the week with the cra**y camera as DD has borrowed my new one until Saturday

DD has been poorly, vomiting spasmodically, since a week last Friday so has been staying with us, as everyone knows ''home is best'' when were feeling yucky and of course her daddy has loved having her home he says he loves hearing her and the 2 boys laughing together, they all have very similar SOH and have been watching Mel Brookes and Monty Python films...not really my cup of tea.
Anyway shes back at her apartment (since when did we start calling flats apartments!!) and her job tomorrow...but she'll be back next weekend.

I've got to think of something to do for Ebaby of Shabby Chic as I am sending to her in the January swap, and the theme is Cath Kidston so I am flicking through her catalogue for inspiration which is not happening yet

I 've only been involved in 1 swap so far but am amazed at the talent and thought that is put into these swaps they really are wonderful to see and receive, but I've really got to put my thinking cap on as I'm not very familiar with CK so Ebaby beware !

Also I have ''stuff'' to sort out as a giveaway which I will post about on here, hopefully sometime this week...I always think they are fun.
Right I am off to make pack ups and cut eldest sons hair and wash his work clothes that he forgot to bring down ......ARRRGGGHHHHH.... don't you love 'em

Nite Nite till next time xx

Friday, 9 January 2009

My Painting

Up until my youngest was 12 I was a SAHM with plenty of time on my hands.....

I've never been precious about my home or the 'things' in it , so have never spent hours cleaning and polishing.....

I much preferred to decorate it and make it look as welcoming and comfy as I could, I also don't believe in having 'best' crockery, cutlery or glasses, preferring to use the china, silver and crystal for everyday, as what is the point of keeping these things for 'best' ....'best what?'...what is better than your own family, so when the children were at school I would fill the majority of my time painting in some way or other...

I painted a care bear mural on my daughters wall, the old mens wardrobe from the junk shop was covered with a lifesize painting of Snow white and the 7 dwarfs, my eldest son had his drawers and cupboards covered in Thomas the tank and the Turtles and I loved doing it.....I do have photos of these and will post these when and if I find them, ..

All through my life I have drawn, sketched and painted...

Something else I loved to do which I actually made some money doing was pencil sketches from photographs, mainly children, and also making salt dough figures, baskets, wreaths etc which I sold to shops but as the orders came in I did feel under pressure and the enjoyment factor went out of it....but I am thinking I would love to start the salt dough again.

From that I went on to just painting things around the house or items I'd bought from Junk shops like the old jug below which was a tatty plain white.....

It usually holds my artist paint brushes and then I did the mug which holds my
smaller brushes and I love them...

bits and bobs to get painted are stones from the garden and some wooden spoons....does nothing escape my brush????????????

These are the sort of things I want to start painting again plus alot more primitive and folk art items....Angels.....signs ...hearts...boards...and some will have fabric as well as paint....I've just got to buy the wood and start cutting out.

This is all due to me joining the lovely Shabby chic site the wonderful ladies there really inspired me and ''I thank you all''....I'm really looking forward to getting back to my painting..

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Testing 123 and err 456

Ok well this is a test post so don't expect it to make sense or be in anyway interesting ....I'm just rambling to see how it turns out. Hopefully I will be attempting to add some photos at the weekend, so you may have something to look at....tho don't count on it ;-)