Thursday, 12 April 2012

Polymer Clay & MDF Letters

Hi, its been far too long but I have been happily busy with block commisions, which I never tire of as each set is so different.
At the moment I am in the middle of a Christening set for a girl named SIENNA pretty

I think I said before how I love words, letters, Initials, script etc and decided to try to decorate some MDF letters with polymer clay....I had never used this medium before but really wanted to ''give it a go''
I bought some plain white clay and also 3 MDF letters ....H...J....L. which were 14coms high.

I played around with the clay making roses and other flowers and also a clown was all trial and error as I really didn't think the process through, as the clay has to be baked at a low temperature and I thought, mistakenly that I could bake the MDF with it..... as my plan was to have a clown holding the letter..but OHHHH NOOOO not a good idea as MDF will emit nasty unsafe fumes.
Had to put my thinking hat on and realised I would have to bake the clown in 3 pieces
Didn't turn out too bad but the clowns fingers broke off so I think I will attach some fabric as a kerchief .
The Clown is the only piece that has been stuck on, gluing threw up a whole load of new problems lol...
the flowers have just been placed on to see what they look like...hmmm maybe abit too floral.
Oh btw the J hasn't been painted yet and I have decided if I make the letter with a figure attached I will have to used real wood letters which could be baked

This was a definite roller coaster of a make.