Friday, 16 September 2011

Key of the door....

Just a quick post about a Key plaque I've just painted.....
I painted the background Grey as it really is my favourite colour at the moment and then added a family of white chickens

I sanded the edges to give it a ''Shabby'' look :)

and screwed in 4 hooks to hold the keys and VOILA!!!

This is for sale on my Blogshop and Facebook business page

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Stamping, painting and a fabulous, in my opinion, carrier bag :)

I have always wanted to try stamping so, eventually, I bought some on Ebay along with a rubber roller and I was ready to start. 
I have only completed the one item, a mirror, at present but enjoyed doing it so much that I'm doing a letter rack tonight.
So for some honest feedback please, as I know not all like my taste lol, but I would really appreciate it.

I absolutely adore script in any form whether it be soft furnishings, wallpaper or home accessories. 
I knew script was going to feature somewhere, this was my 2nd attempt as the first looked very muddy and had too many differing stamps making it look a mess so I painted over the lot except the face.

I love love love using these stamps they are so quick and you can create so mant looks and styles..

And the finished result.....

Now for a fabulous Carrier bag....

Today my husband went to buy me some Annie Sloan paint as I have heard nothing but good about this paint. When he handed it over it was in a lovely carrier made out of Indian newspapers. 
It was brilliant.

Isn't it fabulous, I think its an amazing idea for anyone who does alot of craft fairs etc...just use any ols newspapers, making sure of course page 3 isn't taking pride of place on the front ;)