Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Capiz shell

Little Gem  has in her shop some of her lovely handmade flower brooches, now if you follow the link you will see how similar my capiz shell brooch is, which my mother gave to me and I have worn for maybe 35yrs and my mum owned it for many years before that...I absolutely adore it and have also worn it on a chain,  a choker ribbon,   a choker bangle and  a couple of times on my wrist like a corsage ...its really had its uses :)

Now looking around I noticed how much Capiz I owned,  firstly there are my napkin rings which I think are sooooo pretty and delicate and then matching these are some ...... 

...candle holders...I never use these much but have a project on my mind for them which includes an old brass triple light fitting hmmmmm then I have......

....my pendant that I remeber buying in Bournemouth when I was 16 for 50p...decimalisation had only just come in I think and I worked at Miss Selfridge ha!!...now the next piece is or should I say pieces are.......................

 some place mats and coasters,  these also have a large oval centre mat somewhere in the house but where is anybodies guess :)  and I have also got which I havent photographed 3 pendant light shades but I'm abit fed up of them...I started taking photos of  the place mats and coasters to put in my shop when I get the chuffin thing up and running.............
I'm nearly there just abit of tweaking here and there 

oooooooooooooh I've just remembered I've got large leaf shaped capiz earrings too 

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Buttons and a brooch

I received this lovely little collection in the post this morning from my dear friend Elaine from her blog here
and also from her beautiful shop here

Another of our friends Lacey asked us on the SCC forum to each send her a button as she is going to make a little memory item for herself with the buttons she receives.....well I am not a button person unlike alot of the SCC ers so I told her I doubt I could find one other than a small 'white shirt' one or large 'black Working trouser' one :)
Elaine then messaged me saying she had some wooden ones I could have to paint so I replied that I would and will send Lacey one and return the others to the very kind and geneous Elaine

So I received the above items this morning.....a beautiful hand made Easter card, a lucious brooch and the wooden buttons, now I just have to think how to decorate them:)

So thank you Elaine it was so very kind of you and I will do my best to do them justice when I decorate them xx

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Tissue box cover

A few more photos of my latest painting project a tissue box cover....

I was going to paint it pale green withe pink blossom or dog roses but then decided I wanted to try something different and knew full length figures wouldn't show properly 

I really enjoyed painting this tissue box, whether anyone else would want 60s clip art style remains to be seen but I love it

I do only paint what I like really, as many of these items will be displayed (not used) around my home as I do lack storage.

I'm really not sure if I could paint something I didn't like, but there again I supposed you would have to if commissioned to do so, luckily my commisions are of work I have done before so as yet no problem.

I've just realised after looking at the photos that I have put the brunette up without having finished her hair ha! ...........I have finished it here at home but not on the photo so I will have to change that sometime lol

Well its another box next which maybe green with blossom or dog roses hehe xxx

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Chooks and Daisies...finished article

Just a few more photos to show the finished Recipe book stand and Daisy money box.

The money box is pale yellow which I don't think really shows in the photographs very well

The Silhouette of the rooster is the reverse side of the 3 chooks ....thought I may as well use both sides, and he was great to paint :)
Not much more to say about them really..... but my lovely shabby mateys just lurrrve their photos lol