Thursday, 31 December 2009

Happy New Year to you all xxxx

Thought I had better post this now as I have just started drinking, my first being a Whisky and Dry which I haven't had for an age , it was my mums tipple really but as a young lady, I was one once honest, not sure of what to drink I used to ask for Whisy and dry....this progressed to Rum and black which at the tender age of 18 made me vomit on the upper deck of a bus and was never to be drank again...
My friends and I on half price Tuesdays would then drink Barley wines which were apparently the equivalent to a dble Whisky but quarter of the price.
I have since had various tipples Gin and tonic, Vodka and britvic O, Martini and lemonade and the the assortments of house wines thank goodness there were none of these shots that they drink now lol

On a serious note I often wondered what made an alcoholic as when I was younger, approx 16 to about 25ish I drank alot, infact that was our aim on a night out to get drunk...not fall down drunk, though I have been there but what I would call a stage further than tipsy.  Now I would say I drank almost everynight whether at parties or clubs sometimes as much as 20 shorts but never of a morning .....and I did it consistently through my late teens early why didn't I become an alcoholic ....

I basically think alot of us just grow out of it and move onto lifes next stage but why??????
Anyway OH has just topped up my glass so cheers to you all and I hope you all have a fantabulous year ahead wherever and whoever you are mwah xxxxx

EDIT....Just to add I had 2 whiskeys then I went on to coffees...just can't hack it anymore, but I'm honestly not complaining :)

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

My latest commision & I treat myself :)

Last night I finished this commision of a lovely dog called Molly, it is a Christmas present from a friend to a friend.  She really loved it, thank goodness and has commisioned another 2 dogs in the NY.

This is the first portrait I have done since the ones I showed you of my son, which I did about 14 years ago, sheeeesh I didn't realise it was that long ago, no it can't be...think I must have just made that up lol.

I very rarely buy items from blogging friends, in fact I have only ever done it once before and that was these lovely items from Lalabibaby

Gorgeous hanging heart which is now in my bathroom and....

These adorable cats which are looking down on me as I type as they are hanging from my shelf unit in the kitchen ...I just adore them, fell in love at first sight lol...

Anyway this morning 2 packages arrived from Bloomin Myrtle and the contents were just precious and I fell in love all over again with my 2 new friends

My Sleepy Snowman and...

The gorgeous Snow Angel...they are exquisitely made and are just scrumptious

and thats not all I also got this lovely Bedpost bag that was supposed to be for a work colleagues 8 yr old daughter but..... sorry sunshine no way no day I'll get her something else :) evils my middle name lol

Elaine attaches the prettiest of tags on her items

so am now off to pick her brains and ask her how :)
Well I think thats all folks signing off now
Stay safe xxx

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Facebook Shop

I have made a facebook page of my work ...not quite sure what you do with it but  I  think its a case of showing your wares and people ordering if they like it ...well thats how Im treating it....
Pop over and have a browse in the albums and if you like what you see you can become a fan ha! ...
bit like bloggers and followers I suppose,
I thought I would give it a go and see what becomes of it.

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Winnie and Thomas.....

Well I've put my paintbrushes down for a while and will be picking up my pencils instead as I have a few portraits to do before Christmas, one being a dog, so that should be interesting.

I've done a couple of Winnie the Pooh hearts ...oh I adore him he is my all time fave I think I especially love the origainal sketches but I can understand children loving the more modern Pooh


Thomas is in there as well and I will always have fond memories of him as he was both my boys favourite and at one time I knew all of his friends names I can remember James and Harold and thats it!! oh the shame :(

A few more commisions

At the moment I am watching a ''Paint Sprayer'' on Ebay which finishes today, so fingers crossed, as that will allow me to get back into painting the furniture pieces I find on Ebay, as painting them by hand was just too time consuming, but I love doing the decorative arty farty bits.

If all goes well the next post should be showing a dog portrait and if it doesn't...well it could be anything, wish me luck :)

Edit: I won the 'Paint Sprayer' can't wait to have a go :)