Friday, 26 June 2009

Minor RANT!!

Well am having to change the site of my shop as until it happened I didn't realise that it had no stock management feature in place, and that it was too easy to sell an item multiple times which happened to me, luckily the customer was very understanding but that is not the point...well unless I paid anothe £20pm cheek!!

What good is a shop if it doesn't tell the customer when the item is no longer I have got to change it all to a new site and it took me chuffin ages to do the present shop AAARRRGGGHHHHHHHHHH....hopefully it won't take as long this time.

So when I finally get the new one up and running I will have a giveaway of something I've painted though I have no idea what yet.

I'm busy, which is great as I have a few commisions to be getting on with and some paintings as payments to do so lifes good at the mo...hope it is for you all too xxx

Saturday, 20 June 2009

My Shop !!

Well I've finally opened it...what a palavar, I was doing so well then realised I needed/ wanted seperate bank account plus then had to sort Paypal, oh boy that was fun so I really did lose the plot and the momentum and left it well alone for a few weeks nearly binning the whole lot, BUT I didn't.

Its still a WIP and there are sections with nothing in them but at least its up and running, constructive criticism would be much appreciated, Ive stll got lots of bits and bobs to put on and am going to start painting again as I stopped for quite a while, lost my mojo methinks but I've got it back again, plus I want to have a giveaway sometime soon and that will be something I've painted.

Am off now to make a shop button link ....hope you like xx

Wednesday, 17 June 2009


Today hasn't been a good day....
I received news about 2 of my closest friends, whom I also work with.

First there is the lovely Lolly, a nickname I gave her 5 yrs ago and shes now known as nothing else, in the past few months she has had quite alot of time off work with headaches and as she calls them the wobbles where she would lose her balance, quite frightening really and the doctors could not find what was wrong.

She saw ENT and various specialists and was told only 2 weeks ago that she would probably have to live with it!!.....but she was recalled last week to the hospital and had more tests and told me that her brain was too low causing her imbalance and the surgeons were meeting on Friday to discuss treatment which would probabaly be the cutting out of 4cms square of her skull to allow the flow of fluid and then there is the

Gorgeous Marie who I have known for over 25 yrs and a more genuine kind funny lady you could not meet we just cry with laughter almost everyday she is such dear dear friend.

She had the all clear from Breast Cancer a while back and recently went for her routine mammogram, well she was recalled to the hospital today where they have taken tests and will know the results on Wednesday.

Hearing this news about 2 of my favourite people is devastating though now I have got over the initial shock I am trying to put a positive spin on things ....and as I have said elsewhere writing it all down does actually help, though I don't know why......

I will be praying for you 2 very special people God bless and protect you both xxx

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Exam day

Strange today as I was to take an exam that I have taken twice before and got results in the high 90s...the 3 day IATA (International Air Transport Association) Dangerous goods course went well with high results in the intermittent tests so 1-30pm I sat down and started the exam and about 20 mins in I got a searing headache and blurred vision the examiner told me to sit outside if I wished which I did for the duration.

As soon as I left the room I was fine.
Could it have been something like a psychological block as I have been wanting to get out of dangerous goods work for a few months, anyway the examiner told me I can join any other courses he holds just for the exam as he knows the extent of my knowledge and knows I would pass ....but I just thought it was a very strange thing to happen, and would it happen again?

I have received my gorgeous badge from Snapdragon's Garden which was a cutey square cupcake one, these badges are so well made, they are incredible so I now have to think up some ideas for photos of it ...the ladies on SCC have made a brilliant start with amazing ideas so this is not going to be as easy as I thought but I'll give it a go :)

Well I am going to bed now as I am exhausted after 3 days in the classroom even without the exam lol...back to normality tomorrow.

Looking forward to the weekend when I will be hopefully painting my Ebay win Welsh dresser...still haven't done the table and chairs but the dresser is the more important of the two.  
I just have so many things to finish or start or just get on with am feeling alittle bogged down by it all but reading others posts I don't think I'm alone in feeling like that.

OK I'm definitely going now as have to do our pack-ups, a job I hate lol nite all xxxx