Sunday, 28 August 2011

A little bit of decoupage...

Well we've had a downpour so I'm keeping one eye on my washing to see if its getting dry.

I had a ''Summer Swap'' to this July/August and I was quite looking forward to doing it but when I had actually finished the painting and small bit of decoupage it looked a tad scruffy rather than the aged look I was going for :(

I forgot to photograph the small bits of fabric and the gorgeous red polkadot birdy hook but will get those from the recipient off our forum lol...they infact were the only things that looked remotely summery as the fabrics were white, one with tiny red hearts on and the other with tiny strawberries on,
thinking about it even the birdy hook could pass as a Christmassy item.

Sheesh think I'll leave these swaps to those that do it sooooo much better lol.  
Well here is the 1st item I did. 
It was a blank pencil pot which I painted grey and stuck a different rose design on both sides, stained and sanded back.

The next item was a matching coaster....

....which I gave the same treatment. I thought the recipient could put the pencil pot on her workstation and the coaster too for her mug of tea lol......

 ........then I had a go with some blank wooden cubes, which were abit hit and miss but I did enjoy doing them.

I think I thought they could pass as summery as the pencil pot and coaster had Laceys favourite flower on and the cubes has beach belles and roses on, anyway she said she liked them so thats all that matters and I enjoyed doing them...have now got alot of new stamps I've bought so am going to try them out this evening so watch this space for my attempts :)