Friday, 16 April 2010

The winner of my giveaway is .......

A lovely blogger and crafter who goes by the name of Rachael Neale . You can find her work here at Made with Love she truly has an eye for a good design and I love her work as there is always something different from other sites, any way Rachael has won my little ballerina and I hope she likes it :)

Also today was a bitter sweet day as our cross border bearded collie had to visit the vet and neither DH or myself thought she would be coming home esp as she is 18 yrs old.
She is suffering from dimentia, peeing in the house and also collapsing alot as there is something wrong with her back legs.
So this morning before work I had tears as I said goodbye to her and emailed DH from work for updates, he had to take in at 10am and he emailed me at 11 to say she was home.
She has a urinary infection but is in no pain and for such an old dog is in good health, her back legs are weak because of old age, I can relate to that.
She is now on 2 lots of tablets one for the infection and one for her legs.

I really hope they work as it is so sad to see her keep collapsing as once down she can't get back up without our help and as much as I try not to after picking her up for the umpteenth time in so many minutes I start to feel annoyed....must try to be more patient :(