Monday, 1 March 2010

Trying to find 'My Rag Doll'

I adore Rag Dolls and would love to own one but finding one I truly love is difficult....I will know it when I see it but don't think I've seen 'The One' yet.

The following is a selection I really like......

MY  Rag doll will, I think, have plaits with ribbons, a mop hat maybe a gingham type dress over bloomers with a cream pinafore, perhaps striped tights and lace up shoes and I would like her to be holding something and so shes not lonely I'd like her to have a brother like the photo above, with freckles and glasses.

MY  Rag doll is out there somewhere I just have to find her ....I am willing to compromise a little in her style but she definitely will not be in a lacey pink party dress lol.

If you see one that you think I may like please leave a link on here ....I will find her one day, of that I'm sure :)