Monday, 30 March 2009

A couple more painted items

Does that hour really make that much difference or is it all psycological, as I feel really tired but haven't done that much to cause it. I do love my sleep and am fine getting up at 5ish for work but by Friday it definitely starts to catch up with me. Must be an age thing lol

Well I've got 2/3 more items painted
One is a WIP, and that is the daisy money box as I am going to continue the daisies around both sides too, though I wish I had painted a blue background, but they were going to be pansies which I always love on a pale background.

Now I think I am going to put some pansies on the reverse of the Recipe book holder so there will be a choice of designs...Chooks or floral....mmmm I call it a recipe book stand but it could be used for any book really ....I like my simplistic chooks, took about 10 mins , the quickest things are usually the most effective.

The blue box I loved painting and I especially love the bright pink interior...I'm really loving painting these blanks, its very relaxing...the difficult part is knowing what to paint on what lol....I have 2 blank trays which are both going to be pin-up girls and then I've got a very male orientated looking box so what to put on that I don't know any suggestions most welcome.

Well I'm off to finish my daisy money box..oooh I so love daisies and then paint some pansies
which I also love painting, but first PIZZZZZZZZZZZZZZAAAAAAAAAAAAAA :) xxx

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Limoges favour

This little trinket box was bought back from Italy many years ago by my Italian FIL , inside it had sugared almonds and was a wedding favour, this was before we had anything like that over here. It is Limoges and has the initials M & S on it for the bride and groom so if anyone reading this has the initails MS or knows anyone who does , and they like it, leave me a comment and I'd be delighted to send it to you - the sugared almonds :)...Apologies for the poor photos.

Sunday, 22 March 2009

My Carboot haul on Mothers day

Well I've had a brilliant day....Started with me opening my presents, which were so thoughtful as they were things they knew I needed and wanted but wouldn't get for myself.

They bought me 2 sets of acrylic paints, watercolour paints and a set of brushes which I was over the moon with,  also a new purse/wallet as mine was embarrassing to be seen with ha!
A DVD of a film I better not mention as its not out yet nudge nudge wink wink .....a pair of slippers from River Island like the knitted UGG boots, a bronzer blush and a 7 for the price of 5 pack of divine Twirls............Oh and a wonderful card mwah mwah mwah to each of them 

I thought it was Christmas and was so amazed by it all and not a flower in sight as I'm not keen on bought flowers of any description really in the house unless they are Daffodils or Daisies...I truely only like little jugs of wild flowers around and they know it

We then went to the Carboot and the weather was lovely if not a little cool towards the end but I had a great time and bought all the items below and nothing other than the 2 drawer item which can go either way up (£4) or the item with 9 pidgeon hole with the 3 picture frames in the
 drawer front(£10 alot I know but hey) were more than £1, the ceramic jar with lid was 20p lol crazy I have 3 more of these in differing sizes but I think this one will go in my shop when/if it ever opens !!.

I love the candelabra which I think I will paint cream  and Then I've just got to sand all the other things and think what to paint on the boxes

I love boxes I think you can never have too many.... so many sorts many uses just love them

I think I have to scruffy the 9 pigeon hole item up abit too new looking for me....maybe a coat of paint and the abit of distressing will do the trick ...we'll see

It's been a lovely day oh and DH made Lasagne so we had that with crusty breadand salad follwed by DDs favourite Vienetta lol, I didn't have any as I'm not a fan of ice cream so I had a Twirl scrumptious hehe


Thursday, 19 March 2009

Thank you Little Gem

I have just received an award from the lovely Gem at Little Gems World 

and I am to share with you 7 things I love and then to pass on the award to 7 more creative people, so here loves 1st, ,not including family as that is a done deal :)  then the blogs and in no particular order....drum roll!!!!!!!!!!!

1..........Painting / Crafting
2..........Relaxing with friends
3..........Watching a tear jerker film
4..........Finding a bargain
6..........Playing my music LOUD!
7..........Snuggling down in fresh cold bed linen....ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

and the magnificent 7 are...........again in no particular order............the fabulous.

1..........Bloomin' Myrtle
2..........View to the Hill
5..........Shabby Angel
6..........Cottage Home

Thank you for your blogs and the great ideas I get to pinch..borrow..steal lol xxx

Saturday, 14 March 2009

My Pin-up gal !!

I haven't blogged in over a  week as I have been so tired and I don't know why
, its the same for friends at work we're all abit yawny and dop
ey eyed lol
Last weekend I started sanding and painting the french
 bread board that Mitmot from SSC sent to me.

Having to take off someones elses painting didn't sit
 comfortably with me but it had to be done, it took a fair old
 while to get the painting off then sanding the black base coat took

 an age and didn't really shift much of the black do I started to paint.................7 coats later the black was about covered!!

I chose to do a 40s/50s pin-up and thouroughly enjoyed looking at images on the net....oh they are lovely!
I have never painted a human figure before, it's always been more decorative art or pencil portraits so this was indeed a challenge.  
I had the basecoat done last weekend which took ages as I never thought it would need 7 flippin' Friday I was ready for HER, that first mark on a blank canvas, so to speak is always the hardest, once that is done we're off!
Well the first attempt I don't think is too bad I can see plenty of room for improvement but I was never or ever will be out to achieve perfection.
I loved painting her,  so I am sure I will do some more maybe on one of the 2 blank trays I have, think a pin-up would be great.....we'll see


Friday, 6 March 2009

My first commision...well sort of ;)

The lovely Mitmot from SCC asked me if I would like some trays and plaques that she had bought in France a while ago, but hadn't done anything with.  She forwarded me some photos and I replied straight away so that I could snatch them up and  see what she would like for them.
They are gorgeous and I already have plans to do a pin up girl on the black paddle, which I was informed by MM was a French bread board.  That I am hoping to do this weekend yaaaay   

Bless her heart she asked if I would paint this other tray the same as I had painted Ebabys mirror for the January swap (scroll down to see photos)...which I said I would be delighted to do.....I definitely think I came off best in that exchange.  

Mitmot does fabulous things with a needle and she has Folksy and Dawanda shops.... do make a visit, you won't be dissappointed shes amazing
I can sew a bit but with my sewing one never looks on the reverse as one would be  aghast at the sight lol

The trays look beautiful as they are so this has become a bit of a challenge for me lol...