Thursday, 28 May 2009

Debbies giveaway and friends good news

Hey this is a great idea over on Country heart and home 
Debbie has had a fun idea for her giveaway you must dash over there now and join in especially if your a buttonhollic :) tis a bit o fun.

Over on SCC we have had a good news week for 3 of our lovely ladies... Raspberry Grace's DH was successful with his job interview which was brilliant and then we heard Dimity who after a whole heap of hassle is signing on her new home tomorrow and last but most certainly not least we have Annie who after being made redundant found a new job..............

Ooooooooooooooh it was lovely to get all this good news so as you worry and fret for them so you cheer and celebrate for them....and to think I could pass them on the street and never know, but their news means so very much to me and I am so truly happy and relieved for each one of them. xxxx

Friday, 15 May 2009

Ebay and My shop

Last Wednesday I won a humugous amount of MDF blanks on  Ebay...I had been told about them by Diydeb from the SCC forum. 

I had never bid on anything before, I have always left it to DH  and I can't see me doing it again either as the stress of watching the minutes then seconds tick away was too much, think thats why I'm useless at bingo :) and when I did win I was amazed no-one else actually bid lol
Isn't it strange how we think what we like or want will be shared by the rest of civilisation and we'll get outbid, but naaaa not one other bid was placed.

So DH and myself toddled off to Doncaster on the Saturday morning , it took us approximately 2 hrs to arrive there and when we met the lady who sold the blanks the old trout never offered so much as a glass of water. so we loaded up and returned home and filled the front room with my purchases and what alot I got,  enough to last a lifetime, some of it will probably get taken apart ie the large pieces as they would be too expensive to post eg a 4 piece 5' high screen, and the 3 piece fire screens, though I will be keeping one for our 2nd reception room as that has a real fire and Ive never bought a screen. so may well paint or decoupage one.

I have painted a couple of blanks that were in my haul one being a pencil pot which I have a few of and the other being a one off wooden book box, so my stock is slowly but surely creeping up . 

I thought I would be making my shop live this weekend but am having trouble with Paypal , well not trouble its just I don't have a seperate bank account and so can't use our  joint as it's used by DH for Paypal too but he has a business one he never uses so may try that oooooooooooooooh so much to think about lol

Well I'm off to do some more painting of blanks, but what to choose? and to upload more photos to the shop,  describing items is alot trickier than I thought it would be, not my painted stuff thats easy but items from my attic , don't want the trading standards after me :0

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Painted box and an award

Well I haven't posted anything for what seems like ages or, it appears painted anything.  

My intention every afternoon I come in from work is to do some painting but I am easily dissuaded by cooking .... ironing...pack ups etc and so I really only paint at the weekends and that is usually only on a Saturday as Friday I'm too knackered from the buildup of early mornings during the week (5-00am) and Sunday is generally getting ''stuff'' ready for everyone for a new working they are my excuses and I aint budging from 'em

Oh but I had a lovely surprise on here last week when I received a blog award from Baba from Babasfarmlife it was a ''One lovely Blog'' award and I have to pass it on to upto 15 newly discovered blogs I have found...well that is definitely going to have to wait a while as I want to really take my time and look at some new blogs as I haven't really for quite a long time and I do so love reading others blogs its a wonderful way to pass some time but alas I have no time to pass just yet :)

So I have another box to show you that I did manage to paint last night contrary to what I said earlier, but I really need to buck my ideas up and get my shop open which I am hoping, fingers crossed I will before Monday eeeeeeeeeeeeek there I've said it

This one is green with a pale pink rose and the words 'Love' and 'Dream' on opposite sides....I have distressed it and given it a aged look with a coat of diluted down Burnt umber just dulls it down a bit.

Inside I painted it cream with a wash of the Burnt umber and I think it looks ok :)

DD has said this is her favourite and wants me to paint a blank jewellery box like it so we'll see

Now I am just trying to decide what to paint on 2 blank canvases I found that I had forgotten will either be 2 'Pin up gals' thinking maybe bathtime ones or 2 more modern females...but they will be to sell seperately or as a pair, so off to put my thinking hat on its been misplaced recently x