Saturday, 2 May 2009

Painted box and an award

Well I haven't posted anything for what seems like ages or, it appears painted anything.  

My intention every afternoon I come in from work is to do some painting but I am easily dissuaded by cooking .... ironing...pack ups etc and so I really only paint at the weekends and that is usually only on a Saturday as Friday I'm too knackered from the buildup of early mornings during the week (5-00am) and Sunday is generally getting ''stuff'' ready for everyone for a new working they are my excuses and I aint budging from 'em

Oh but I had a lovely surprise on here last week when I received a blog award from Baba from Babasfarmlife it was a ''One lovely Blog'' award and I have to pass it on to upto 15 newly discovered blogs I have found...well that is definitely going to have to wait a while as I want to really take my time and look at some new blogs as I haven't really for quite a long time and I do so love reading others blogs its a wonderful way to pass some time but alas I have no time to pass just yet :)

So I have another box to show you that I did manage to paint last night contrary to what I said earlier, but I really need to buck my ideas up and get my shop open which I am hoping, fingers crossed I will before Monday eeeeeeeeeeeeek there I've said it

This one is green with a pale pink rose and the words 'Love' and 'Dream' on opposite sides....I have distressed it and given it a aged look with a coat of diluted down Burnt umber just dulls it down a bit.

Inside I painted it cream with a wash of the Burnt umber and I think it looks ok :)

DD has said this is her favourite and wants me to paint a blank jewellery box like it so we'll see

Now I am just trying to decide what to paint on 2 blank canvases I found that I had forgotten will either be 2 'Pin up gals' thinking maybe bathtime ones or 2 more modern females...but they will be to sell seperately or as a pair, so off to put my thinking hat on its been misplaced recently x


Lace hearts said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous... I love everything you do. I simply can't wait for your shop, and I have a feeling I'm going to be away and everything will go before I even get a look in. Sob. xxxx

The Vintage Kitten said...

Beautiful!........And I think pin up girls for the canvasses (but then I would choose that) X

shabbygirlmosaics said...

This is beautiful!!
I'm with you on the starting a shop venture so I know how you feel. Good luck with your shop, I hope you have lots of fun and success with it!!

Elaine said...

Absoblumminlootly goregeous!!!!!!!!!!
I do wish I could persuade you to do the craft fair. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzz

Love and blessings

What Kelly Did next...... said...

Gorgeous as always xx

angel said...

That is a lovely box, stunning, and i would love to see more of your things as you is so talented.:-)

Love and hugs honey. X x X x X x X x X x X

Elaine said...

And another award. Blimey they are like buses LOL

Unknown said...

That box is lovely ! All the best with your new shop .

Spyder said...

Love the colours! Might even have a go myself!


Spyder said...

Thank you for popping over to Spyder's Corner! I DO have an old box just like this, it was my Grandfather-in-laws, it's very tatty now, ink stained, bit chipped at the corners but with some lovely paint, I'm sure it can be brought back to life again, and be a very useful box!


Will pop back and tell you when I've done something!

Mary C.M. said...

Hello!!! I loved knowing your blog, and your paintings, all beautiful,back more often. A hug from Portugal

Mary C.M. said...

here I used a translator, is visiting my other blog got a translator and thus understand it.

Mary C.M. said...

Hello, I give back to your blog, and now with the translator is easier I understand the contents, come back more often, All the best with your new shop .
and hope to see their work more beautifully painted. A hug.

Caroline said...

This is lovely. I can just imagine packing some photos, cherished letters, momentos and other treasures away in this.