Sunday, 8 August 2010

My Gorgeous new friend 'Missy' and latest commision :)

A couple of posts previous to this I wrote about  having wanted a ragdoll for years but never quite finding one that I wanted well...............a lovely friend, namely Bloomin' Myrtle came to the rescue saying she would make one for me and she let me list my likes and dislikes and let me choose fabrics etc...
and from that 'MISSY' was born and what a truly delightful loveable treasured addition to my family she is...I totally adore her...see for yourself :)...warn you there're lots of piccies.....

Isn't she just beautiful...

I am now going to be commisioning a boy to sit with her excited.

You must all visit this wonderful ladies blog shop Bloomin' Myrtle her work is amazing and her prices soooo reasonable I'm sure she must work at a loss ...she makes absolutely everything ..dolls, aprons..doorstops...hearts...cushions anything infact that you would like and she is an absolute treasure ....once you buy from her you will be addicted as I am :)


Now to show you my latest commision which was of a gorgeous 1 year old boy whose birthday it was this month and his grandma wanted a drawing of him :)

This was on A4 paper and was £35 + p&p

Thankfully she was delighted :)