Sunday, 8 August 2010

My Gorgeous new friend 'Missy' and latest commision :)

A couple of posts previous to this I wrote about  having wanted a ragdoll for years but never quite finding one that I wanted well...............a lovely friend, namely Bloomin' Myrtle came to the rescue saying she would make one for me and she let me list my likes and dislikes and let me choose fabrics etc...
and from that 'MISSY' was born and what a truly delightful loveable treasured addition to my family she is...I totally adore her...see for yourself :)...warn you there're lots of piccies.....

Isn't she just beautiful...

I am now going to be commisioning a boy to sit with her excited.

You must all visit this wonderful ladies blog shop Bloomin' Myrtle her work is amazing and her prices soooo reasonable I'm sure she must work at a loss ...she makes absolutely everything ..dolls, aprons..doorstops...hearts...cushions anything infact that you would like and she is an absolute treasure ....once you buy from her you will be addicted as I am :)


Now to show you my latest commision which was of a gorgeous 1 year old boy whose birthday it was this month and his grandma wanted a drawing of him :)

This was on A4 paper and was £35 + p&p

Thankfully she was delighted :)


aline said...

Wonderful, anyone would be delighted with the quality of your work Laj x

aline said...

I love Missy and the wonderful casual poses. x

angel said...

That Missy is a real stunner aint she! I can see you having trouble with her when she gets her boyfriend!..... uh oh!!!

Beautiful Portrait Laj, your talent blows me away. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Elaine said...

Thanks for the plug Laj, she does look sassy LOL
That portrait is stunning, if & when I ever get to be a granny I'll be right on to you *mwah*

With love & blessings

Serenata said...

Missy is great - BM's dolls are so lovely and I adore mine. I am hoping to get a boy doll from her as well :-)

Lalabibaby @ Dreaming of The Simple Life said...

Missy is just gorgeous .... her nonchalent expression as she poses sweetly is divine .... BM is such a clever bunny and must have so much patience to do these beauties. Your sketch is fab too ... the family must have been thrilled. x

sparkle aka theresa said...

missy is gorgeous and i love her poses, do you think that there'll be a baby rag doll when missy get's her boyfriend? ;)

Laj, you're so very very talented and your commissions must be over the moon with their portraits


LoloDesigns said...

That's gotta be the best rag doll I've ever seen, she's gorgeous. I could see her going on a narrowboat holiday once she gets her brother!

The ability to produce such life like images through drawing has always amazed me. Such a great talent Laj. x

Scented Sweetpeas said...

aah so glad you found 'the one' :-) She is so lovely. Your artwork if fab too, no wonder she was delighted.

val said...

Hi Lajoni, I have just today adopted Joe, he came in the morning post, all carefully wrapped in blue tissue. You are absolutely right .... Elaine is so gifted and her creations are just so gorgeous and professional. I will be showing our little Joe soon on my blog but I am in love with him from the start :0)
I will keep my eye on your blog to see Missy's boyfriend .... unless you adopted Sam? Sam is Joe's twin brother and he has gone to live somewhere. Keep a look out here for my happy blog about Joe ..... coming soon!
I think your own art work is stunning .... you too are gifted .... I also love your daisy designs.
Have a good weekend,
Val xx

Lajoni said...

Hi Val
Thanks for the lovely post and I will keep a look out for Joe on your blog , btw your dcoupaged hangers are absolutely gorgeous, definitely inspired me to have a go xx

val said...

Hi Lajoni, Thanks for stopping by my blog. I must give you a VERY SERIOUS WARNING. DECOPATCH is VERY ADDICTIVE!!!!! You will be looking around your house to see your next victim to come under the Decopatch eye!!!!! Nothing is safe because Everything will look nicer if it is Decopatched! Enjoy and be inspired :0)
Except Missy of course! She is quite safe :0)
btw I feel like Sherlock Holmes this morning because I have discovered where Sam has gone to live (Joe really wanted to know) he lives with his girlfriend with The Balancing Kiwi .... they look Very Happy!
Have a good day Lajoni :0)
Val xx

Caroline said...

She has a personality all of her own doesn't she!!

C moi... said...

Lovely doll, and beautiful portraits!

Anonymous said...

Sweet site, I had not come across previously in my searches!
Keep up the wonderful work!