Sunday, 30 August 2009

Latest Ebay wins

These are my latest wins on Ebay.

Now the black iron veg rack was far nicer than described or photographed, she really didn't do it justice at all.....its about 25cm wide at the top and 40cm at the base whereas the photo to me makes it look the same width all the way down and its almost 3' tall.

I was originally going to paint it cream and put it in the bathroom for DDs toiletries/cosmetics but it really does seem a shame to paint it. DH likes it so it may well go in the Kitchen and be used for what it was made for 99p not bad :)

From the same lady I bought, again for 99p this plate rack with 6 hooks for cups.....this is definitely going to be painted, undercoat done, and be put back on Ebay. Will probably have chooks of some description on each side.

This oval coffee table will be painted cream and distressed with a centre motif or something around the edge, not sure yet, but that is also destined for Ebay again.

Lastly From the same seller as the coffee table is this small side table/bookcase which again will be painted like the table ...this I may keep to replace a cupboard I have and in turn repaint the cupboard unit and put that on Ebay and they were £10 for the 2.

I'm still painting the chairs I bought.....Jeeez its a horrible job, the sanding, undercoating and topcoating is what takes the time the decorative painting nothing in comparison.

Well I've just won this table, I was going to bid on one before which I put a photo of in my last but one post but I forgot to Duh!

Well I've been watching this as I really wanted one to go with the 4 chairs I am painting, and really the other one was a bit small, I contacted the seller as the top looked slanted but she assured me its because she forgot to take a photo when she dismantled it so balanced the top on just for the photos.

I asked her if she would take a BIN price , she asked me to make her an offer, but I changed my mind thinking my offer of a tenner would be laughed at, saw tonight no offers had been made so with 3 mins to go I put in an offer of 99p and won...YAAAAAAY

Must admit I will feel abit guilty handing over my pound coin and waiting for change...joke

Hoping to sand and wax top and like I mentioned before, in a previous post, may paint a faded motif in the centre but will paint pedestal cream and distress.


I think I m suffering from Ebayitis as I am watching 56 items EEEEEEEEK actually not all of them are for buying , some are just out of curiosity like the most horrendous so called shabby chic desk that I or those at SSC have seen ....seeing is believing...enjoy :)....Gawd I hope the seller isn't one of my followers :(

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Help!! advice on chairs needed please, plus Mitmots tray makeover.

Sneaked these photos in as Mitmot finally received her tray today.

When she heard I painted Mitty very generously sent me some lovely French trays and a breadboard (Pin up Girl), but would not take any payment for them.

She asked if I would paint this tray for her like I did a mirror in one of the SCC swaps

The result.....


Ok Ladies I need your advice on these 4 chairs I won on Ebay about a month ago.

What to do with them?....

I am undecided whether to go the same way as the Rocker in my previous post ...or to paint and distress or whether to just sand and clean up and apply a floral motif to the plain wood on the back and seat

To do them each different but coordinating?

To sell in pairs or singulally?

So your advice would be reeeeeeally appreciated please.


I can get this table for £10 ...should I? its a BIN on Ebay ...was on before and noone bought but I thought if I bought and either painted and added a centre motif.....or painted just the base and sanded the top and added a motif to the bare wood?

So if I did get the table should I sell with 2 chairs ...or sell all 5 items separate and link to each....ARRRGGGGGHHHH I'm useless at this :)

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Rocking chair makeover

Well I've finished painting the see the before picture go to last post....I really enjoyed doing this and am really pleased with it.

My one dilema is whether to put it on Ebay starting price 99p or £4.99 which is the price I paid for it

Not really alot to say about this really , basically what you see is what you get...I'll let the pictures do the talking.

I've never sold anything on Ebay before so any tips gratefully received wish me luck xx