Saturday, 28 February 2009

Salt dough figure before varnishing

Morning all ...well I'm sitting here waiting for the lines to open for Mcfly...I have got to order tickets for DD....takes me back to when I used to do this for her when she was a teen, shes now 24!!,  ...sitting for sometimes hours trying to get tickets....nearly all day for Robbie Williams for her 16th birthday,  I mean its not like I have anything else to do this morning...noooooo course not ;-)

Well heres the photo I said I would put up of the salt dough figure, must give her a name, before I varnish...then I'll put her up when varnished to see the difference it can make.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Blanks for painting, + salt dough figure

Well I've been and collected my blanks and here are the first batch,   any ideas for decoration will be much appreciated.   Oh and the first piece of salt dough I've made in 7 yrs....oh how quickly we forget....she's looking dreadful at the mo but I'm painting her as I blog lol so hopefully  I will be able to put a better photo up of her soon

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

My Swap from Annie-c

My swap arrived today from Annie-c it was lovely as you can see below.
A lovely Blue spotty mug, some Rolos yummy, classy white/cream candles and I adore candles and only use white/cream, 2 blue plastic wallets which will come in very useful and a beautiful white tea towel edged with a gorgeous fabric...I love it all Annie thank you so very much xxx

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Jan swap finally

Well I received a message from Ebaby to say my swap has been delivered so I can now put some photos up of the bits I painted, oh I didn't paint the ceremic piece ;)

The theme was Cath Kidston who, I have to say I am not the biggest fan of....some of it is abit OTT for me though I must say some is gorgeous....I suppose I like it in small doses, but I love seeing it in others homes it's just not me.

I painted a couple of things for her, a mirror and a kitchen utensil set oh and I made the one and only brooch I will ever attempt ha!  and then I added a piece of embriodery a crochet circle , a ceramic trinket thingymebob, a note book and pen and some choccy lollies.

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Car boot finds

I went to 2 carboots today, both indoor, the 1st was a no no nothing there at all but the 2nd was alot better.
I purchased the items below for painting etc but having got them home realise I like the lanterns how they are, worn and tatty, Ha we have something in common, so it maybe just the drawers and picture frame that will get the Laj look

At the moment I have the problem of not being able to buy anything I don't like even though I think that maybe someone out there would love it may have something to do with having to have it around the house until sold , I just don't know, but It is going to take me along while to change my mindset on that one I think .....but on the flip side buying things I like eg the lanterns may just get put in my garden and not madeover or sold so whats a girl to do ???????????

Oh I forgot to mention the prices...

A 6 mini drawer Ikea thingy £1.50
2 mini metal lanterns 50p each
1 small wooden frame 50p
1 large oil lamp
1 pair of large lamps ....the 3 large lamps together were £7

I was really pleased
I left this out of Ebabys swap when I posted it she may live in one of those households that has a drawer full of bits and bobs for all eventualities, wish I lived in one.


Wonder if she'll be able to guess what one of her swaps is just by this photo....she should receive it Tue or Weds, only because I was 30p short of being able to send it 1st class Grrrrrrrrrr so all will be revealed then.

Well I have had a very physically if not mentally lazy day, rarely get up before 9-30am as a week of rising at 4-45am catches up with me by the end of the week , then I was on the laptop most of the day sorting my site and ordering.  I am defnitely looking forward to tomorrow as we are going to a carboot our first one this year, so am really eager to find some goodies.

Right it's up the wooden hill for me as it's an early start so sleep well all xx

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Shop site

Finally posted my January swap off to Ebaby...I feel so relieved...I'll pop some photos on here when she has received it can be quite stressful, not that anyone but myself put the stress there but I'm not doing anymore as I'm going to be painting and crafting for my shop that is under construction Ha!!!!.......

Phew it's flippin hard work creating a shop when you have no idea what you are doing and I'm only doing the supposedly easy stuff at the mo jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez can't wait for the rest.
Really want to get some blanks ordered and the site finished this weekend, then the fun begins


This morning I was watching the news before I set off to work and they were discussing *Social Networking*  and how this American guy thought it was bad for you as you get engrossed in an online life and do not make real friends, well for what its worth heres my take on it................... 

I first used the internet about 8/9 yrs ago all my family husband being the main offender as he has always had a keen interest in computers and still builds them now.....anyway all 4 of them kept on at me to use the pc and go on the internet, so I did....I remember for ages being online and not knowing what to do where to look what to press ....and I couldn't see the attraction at all then........................
I found the Femail site of the Daily Mirror and I was hooked.  It was a forum of mostly women and we had a blast ....4 of us hit it off straight away and we were then asked to be moderators , which we all did ...we met in London for meet ups along with the other mods and after that we had a few more meet ups with members as well.

About 8 of us seemed to stick together so much so that we have our own private message forum still to this day ...our lives have changed some are now married , one is in Spain, one has divorced..... we have all been through variations of crap but we have been there for each other and to talk, whether on a board or in real time is brilliant as for some reason you can say to them what you wouldn't say to family or ''real-life'' friends and you can chose to either meet up or not, to answer a post or not and you are never judged 
I have met and made friends with many people whom I would never have met or chatted to in ''real-life'' as we have such different life styles or interests and this makes them all the more precious to me.


Sunday, 8 February 2009

Lets get cracking!!

Well now Ive stopped trying to squeeze the cameras battery into the memory card slot....well their both small and square......bit like DH.....oooooh no didn't mean that honest....  I have uploaded some pieces I have accumulated over 30 yrs that have just been around in sheds, drawers, cupboards and lofts.

The tatty shelves have been in our shed for 6/7 years as you can see by the state of them ...really I'll just be sanding and slapping on paint but I want to NOT paint it cream/white but try a colour...I'm a bit of a cream kinda gal so will try something new it will take me another 6/7 yrs to decide what lol....then I may do a small amount of decorative painting down the outer sides.

Then I have a few tin/enamelware bits, the watering can I may just add a little motif or wording on the front,  not sure about the red coffee pot, might just leave that alone but the tea/coffee/sugar/ cannisters , I've got the three,  are in need of something major just got to decide what,  then I've got wooden boxes, baskets, mirrors, peg rack etc so alot to be getting on with ...and thats without me even purchasing any blanks for my future shop, as some of these bits, depending on the outcome, may go in to the shop, phew and thats just a fraction. But if I'm anything like Mel  I will be done by Friday but I'm not so I wont ;-)

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Snow & Swap

2 friends and I had to walk half of the journey to work today due to the icy roads and congestion well it was like being a kid again ...we laughed and giggled our way to work and everyone we met was really friendly and cheerful .......all it takes is a bit of snow 

We were sent home from work at midday and tomorrow was declared a snow day, (if we get in b4 10-45 we will be paid for whole day) but this evening has seemed sooooooooo  long just being home 3 hrs early makes alot of difference so much so that....

.......I have finally finished painting the first item of Ebabys January swap...I really enjoyed doing it as I haven't painted for quite a while now and it's turned out ok I think, so I do hope she likes it.

Well I'm off for an early night as depending on ice/snow we may have an extra early start tomorrow nite nite all xx

Sunday, 1 February 2009


Happy Feb 1st

Well the painting didn't materialise yesterday but I did have a fabulous day with SIL niece and DD ...a lot of giggling went on and I mean alot I must be queen of giggling. 

Don't you just hate it when the elastic goes in you knickers....I walked round yesterday for approx 5 hrs with the only thing keeping mine up being the gusset of my trews, much to the embarrassment of DD lol

I didn't buy anything other than lunch but really enjoyed the day and we've promised to make it a monthly will buy some new knickers me thinks before my next outing ;-)

Now I am off to try and create something CK looking arrggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! xx