Thursday, 5 February 2009

Snow & Swap

2 friends and I had to walk half of the journey to work today due to the icy roads and congestion well it was like being a kid again ...we laughed and giggled our way to work and everyone we met was really friendly and cheerful .......all it takes is a bit of snow 

We were sent home from work at midday and tomorrow was declared a snow day, (if we get in b4 10-45 we will be paid for whole day) but this evening has seemed sooooooooo  long just being home 3 hrs early makes alot of difference so much so that....

.......I have finally finished painting the first item of Ebabys January swap...I really enjoyed doing it as I haven't painted for quite a while now and it's turned out ok I think, so I do hope she likes it.

Well I'm off for an early night as depending on ice/snow we may have an extra early start tomorrow nite nite all xx


Shabby Chick said...

Sounds like good fun in the snow! Swaps are great aren't they, I hope you will show us the results once it's all sent off and received safely.

Mel xxx

Elaine said...

OOooo how much more will you do with a whole snow-day????
Still waiting for your lovelies to go on sale!!
(taps foot and tuts)

Love and blessings

Lajoni said...

Yes I'll be putting my attempts on here lol..'

The snow not too bad so went into work and as for my flippin shop still trying to find a site ;-(...need something fairly cheap as not expecting to sell a whole lot

But am definitely sitting the swaps out for a while to concentrate on painting stock xx

angel said...

We love snowy days.... GREAT...... get loads done, your a bit quick with the Jan swapee fingy aint ya Laj, i'm still finking.... lol.

Love and hugs X x X x X

Elaine said...

I've see a few peeps have a blog-shop Laj, maybe it's worth a think until you get one up and running.
Or you could use SC classifieds.