Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Jan swap finally

Well I received a message from Ebaby to say my swap has been delivered so I can now put some photos up of the bits I painted, oh I didn't paint the ceremic piece ;)

The theme was Cath Kidston who, I have to say I am not the biggest fan of....some of it is abit OTT for me though I must say some is gorgeous....I suppose I like it in small doses, but I love seeing it in others homes it's just not me.

I painted a couple of things for her, a mirror and a kitchen utensil set oh and I made the one and only brooch I will ever attempt ha!  and then I added a piece of embriodery a crochet circle , a ceramic trinket thingymebob, a note book and pen and some choccy lollies.


Shabby Chick said...

Well that all looks gorgeous, I'm not surprised it took you so long! The mirror is to so pretty :) I hope Ebaby was pleased.

Mel xxx

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful mirror!

Poppy said...

It all looks fab, the mirror is so pretty!
I would love to be able to paint like that…love Lou xxx

angel said...

Wow, Laj, Lovely.....WOW.....

Yummy scrummy....Lucky ebaby....oh, and your way to good.:-)


Shsjndkdns said...

Ooh Laj, you are so talented, that mirror is gorgeous. Your painting is so classic and pretty, now hurry up and get that shop sorted!! XXX

Elaine said...

I want I want I want!!!!
Please hurry up with your shop (can you see me begging) I want to make a Christmas list and pass it on to everyone LOL
I hope I get you in the April swap
(are you reading this M_P ???)
Everything is so beautiful, and you are so talented.

Love and blessings

mitmot said...

what a super swap, i love the mirror it would look lovely in my bedroom, wish i could paint! - don't give up on the swaps

Lajoni said...

Lol thanks guys, but I won't be swapping for the forseeable future as I must paint blanks for the shop which I pick up tomorrow....but thanks for the lovely commentsxx