Sunday, 22 February 2009

Car boot finds

I went to 2 carboots today, both indoor, the 1st was a no no nothing there at all but the 2nd was alot better.
I purchased the items below for painting etc but having got them home realise I like the lanterns how they are, worn and tatty, Ha we have something in common, so it maybe just the drawers and picture frame that will get the Laj look

At the moment I have the problem of not being able to buy anything I don't like even though I think that maybe someone out there would love it may have something to do with having to have it around the house until sold , I just don't know, but It is going to take me along while to change my mindset on that one I think .....but on the flip side buying things I like eg the lanterns may just get put in my garden and not madeover or sold so whats a girl to do ???????????

Oh I forgot to mention the prices...

A 6 mini drawer Ikea thingy £1.50
2 mini metal lanterns 50p each
1 small wooden frame 50p
1 large oil lamp
1 pair of large lamps ....the 3 large lamps together were £7

I was really pleased


angel said...

Ooooh lovely lot of stuff you have there honey.
I wouldnt sell them either, and what bargains.:-)

I have got that box fingy, but mine is in cream so its ok that you copied me.

Love and hugs Honey. Mwah XXXXXXX

Shabby Chick said...

Great bargains! I can see why you love the lanterns as they are.

I'm having similar problems with making things, when I make something I really like it's hard to convince myself to let it go. Equally I can never buy things I don't love (fabrics to make things to sell or things for gifts).

Mel xxx

debbie said...

Great finds, especially the lamps. Couldn't part with them! The buying/selling fingy is a real dilemma aint it!
Deb x

MelMel said...

Fantastic bargains!
Lovely to have you on board!xx