Sunday, 12 June 2011


Hi everyone tis a wet and dank day in leicestershire but am ignoring it as I am toasty warm inside doing a bit of painting and online screen shopping.
It was whilst I was shopping that I wondered if all of you had heard of Pinterest it is really great, especially for me who has zilch short term memory lol.
Here is the link for their FB page as you need an invite to join or you can message me and I will gladly oblige...!/pinterest?sk=info

Now What is PINTEREST???????

Basically it's a social pinboard...You can have as many pinboards as you wish, follow as many people as you wish and pin and repin as often as you wish...what are you pinning and repinning??/ PHOTOGRAPHS

I use it to visually save anything I see that I like and pin it to the relevant board I have made is all so very simple, whether it be a you can make a pinboard for each of the people you have to buy presents for and as you see ideas pin them on their board and you have them for later reference...I think its brillant.
You can pin absolutely any photo you see online and it will always give you the original source of the photo even if you repin it off someone elses board.

I hope I am explaining this properly...though I guess not but do give it a try ...I love it...
Do let me know how you get on...''HAPPY PINNING''

Friday, 3 June 2011

Latest makeovers and a sketch

Good grief its been about 7 months since I last blogged....I'm not sure what happened, I suppose life just got in the way lol. 
So lets start with some makeover photographs which always go down well...First is a very small footstool that had definitely seen better days and was found at the back of the shed looking, for want of a better word, 'minging' 

I had some free sample size pieces of fabric from various companies so had a sort through and after a sand and paint job recovered it also added some braiding and am really pleased with the result

The next stool was a small tapestry round one.  I have never been a fan of tapestry but didn't want to remove it so just added another layer of fabric and again some braiding all this was done very amaturishly and should not be inspected close up LOL 

Then I decided to have a go at covering some blank mdf coasters that I have had in the cupboard for ages, quite a few of them actually but chose only to attempt 4.
I painted them cream then cut 4 circles out of a sheet of craft paper I had free in a magazine years ago showing various forms of calligraphy and fonts glued them on and roughly part stained with cold tea and varnished and I love them!!

Then onto a coffee table I won on Ebay for £4.99.
I sanded it, undercoated it, topcoated it in a bluey grey and then added a wash of dark grey which I wiped most off but it stayed in the grooves of the design.
Looking at it now personally I think it is too blue so will go over it in a pale grey and again a wash of a darker grey.

Ok I've done enough painting so now fancied some drawing and had a comission from a work colleague to do 3 drawings of his nephew as a present for his sister.

In the top right view he is wearing his favourite ear muffs and hasn't had a funny haircut LOL
I'll try not to leave it so long before I post and will get back to reading all your blogs as I really have missed that side of blogging xxxx