Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Ebay win,lovely hearts oh and a yucky cabinet

This is my latest win on Ebay I was over the moon as about 5 yrs ago I begrudgingly threw an almost identical one out as I had nowhere for it to go, as rockers take up above average floor space especially if you want to rock in them :)
My last one was unpainted and I made a seat and full length back cushion but this one will definitely be painted, with maybe a floral design on the seat, and be outside the back door with the table and chairs which are under a sort of covered pergoda, which I love as we can sit outside even when its hammering down.
I got it for £4.99 not bad eh? ......she had 2 but I thought a pair would look naff lol...picking it up Friday yaaaaaay.

Now this delightful? bathroom metal cabinet that was in our bathroom when we moved in about 20 yrs ago, its abit worse for wear and is rusty, I'm not sure if it is infact worth saving ...what do you think I've no experience of rust what do I do? and is it worth saving mmmmmmm not sure at all

Not sure why I took the photos of it upside down lol ooooh and you can see the sofa we're dumping ...its been in the garden all so called summer and has been great for just slumping down on and vegitating:)

Now for the lovely bit, if you saw my last post about my dresser you would have seen the lovely heart hanging from the cupboard which the gorgeous Mary Poppins sent to me.

This was my very first heart and after not being overly keen on them, this one heart singulally changed my mind...well then 2 of my lovely blogging buddies didn't like to think I only possessed one heart so the oh so talented Little Gem and the beautiful Mel from Country in the town who incidently has an absolutely fantastic giveaway on her blog,
each sent me a beautiful hanging heart, Mel also sent a mini heart with 2 lavender candles and Gemma sent me one of her amazing handmade brooches.

I was so overcome at these wonderful acts of kindness and thoughtfulness and will be returning their kindness in the future , thank you bothe so much xxxx

Here you can see my gifts all together ......

Mary Poppins sent me the Green floral one, LG the pink and Mel the embroidered one :)

This is the smaller of the 2 hearts Mel sent me and also the lovely handmade brooch from Litte Gem

Close up of Mels heart:)

Little Gems gorgeous brooch and then the lovely card she sent which was made by our own Bloomin Myrtle How lovely is that ?

And there they are all looking stunning and they have really made me happy ..thank you so much girls you are so so lovely mwah xx

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Painted dresser

I won a Pine Welsh Dresser (£20) some weeks ago but had my reservations about it as it was kinda orange with the back of the shelves, decorative curves and door panels painted dark green with some gold stencilling....bleugh!!

Also the shelving section had an extra shelf at the base making me think that the previous owners must have used it as 2 separate parts......I did have a photo of it but its gawn never to be seen again :(

So I began sanding it all down...what a relentless task ..taking the top section and the doors off. 2 days later it was completed...

Now many would probably think alot of my makeovers look more like the ''before'' rather than the ''after'' but I just like things to look used and worn, so tend to distress/sand back alot of my things the next batch of photos are the results of my labours.

I hate the present knobs and will hopefully be replacing them soon, when I can decide on their style....knowing my speed these will be on it for a while to come .....

Again I have alot of my late mothers items on the shelves....these china jars I remember were always in our bathrooms...3 in total that I can recall up to the age of 16

Oh this is the one and only hanging heart I possess and it was given to me by the gorgeous Mary Poppins who can do amazing things with a needle and thread......this gents wardrobe also had a makeover jobby from me about a year ago ....I took out the rail and put in 4 fullwidth shelves which now holds bedlinen and towels....really useful

Another china jar...this was 30p from a CB....oh and thats my DDs necklace from Accessorize.

A better picture of the cupoard and dresser though the white mark on the cupboard was from the sun and not a bad paint job from me 8-D

This was my mums but not sure of any history with just seemed to appear one day as most thinks did in our home unbeknown to my dad lol

A tiny little handpainted piece of china in a frame off Leicester market just infront of a piece from a bathroom set from Marks and Sparks, which again was in every bathroom of ours I can remember oh and my watch.

A mirror off Leicester market over 40 yrs ago it was quite dull so I painted it....I love the way mirrors wear with age and become all mottled with the backing coming off in places
......something I can definitely relate to haha!

And lastly my new toilet roll big deal you may think, but we haven't had one for about 13yrs
.........the roll has, since we took the old one down, been balanced on the radiator hmmmm....not good ...but always nice and warm to ones bum, which can't be bad.

Apologies if you got bored of my pics .... I realise I did go abit OTT...but the loo roll holder is the last xx

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Teeny paint job and G spots|!

I love my's not large or full of gorgeous blooms, or full of much really but I really do love it. Its a walled garden which I adore and its so very private not overlooked at all.

I have spots around the garden where you can sit. There is the table and chairs I bought from Ebay for a fiver in the little sanctuary at the bottom of the garden under the Russian vine ,lilac tree and someother climber I can't remember name of.

There is the very rough bench that DH made and I just love it looks so old and tatty and that is surrounded by Clematis Montana and is against the side wall

Outside my backdoor I have a small patch which started of with herbs but other 'stuff' has crept in ..a few poppies and some weeds which look right at home and that is under cover with the main garden furniture so yet another place to sit oh and believe it or not there is a sofa we're waiting to get rid of but its been great out there in the summer.

Ha Then we have my sheds.....There is the wooden one which you can see covered in ivy which covers the whole of the l/h side wall too and then the brick one which is to the left of the wooden one and is totally obliterated by the ivy except for the doorway which is at right angles to the wooen shed

Oh theres my little sanctuary again, where DH in the summer if he's at home when I get back from work, can be found with 2 cups of coffee and maybe cake or a biscuit :)
I love my wild tatty private garden I've only shown you little bits as the other bits are too untidy even for me, maybe one day you'll see the pergolas but then again maybe not as we are getting so used to the garden like it is theres no rush ...its normal to us though probably chaos to someone else


I've had this shelf unit in various forms since I was first married (30yrs) and it has always been in my kitchen.

I took it down about 5 yrs agao and it resided in the shed where it got abit damp and at one point had a nest built on it 2 yrs in a row ....I decided to bring it back in and try to revive it

Out came the cream emulsion ...slapped a couple of coats on, distressed it and highlighted with white and voila! 1 not too bad shelf unit back on the kitchen wall where it rightly belongs.

Home now to my adorable pig family which I love and can now look at whilst painting or on the pc :)

Also to some of my paperweights/painted stones which I did in '96 and still like to look at and have around ...they make me smile

Then I have our two old Italian coffee grinders which we still use, though not for a while now, but they were given to us by my husbands great Aunts who both sadly died last year and who we spent many a happy holiday with even though none of us could speak each others language

I added some of my favourite jugs and my lovely Scottish Terrier and said ok thats enough....The pigs, dog, and jugs were my mums who died the day my youngest was due, hes now 18, so its lovely to have her things there in my kitchen, just seems so right

Saturday, 4 July 2009

DS2 back yaaaaay ... & WANTED......A Revitalised Mojo

Well tomorrow sees the return of my youngest (18)
He has been to Ibiza for a week with 6 of his 'mates', on his first holiday without 'rents'
I have missed him so much, we have a fabulous relationship with an ongoing banter that I love. He never fails to make me giggle and I just love him so, and tomorrow he's back yippeeeeeeeeeeeee......I told him I just didn't want to turn on the TV and see him on 'Boozy Brits abroad' if it were at all possible, but hey worst things could happen, he could turn it on and see me !!


I'm a little dissillusioned, no deflated, no uninspired, no disinterested, no just plain lost my mojo recently...I haven't painted anything for weeks not sure if thats to do with my last post or not as I'm still creating my new shop and its just becoming abit of a chore now

I was so excited the first time but now that has gone and I'm not even sure if I can be bothered or even if I really want a shop, but really I think I do its just all the prep and as I'm changing sites I'll have to go through getting them to release my domain argggghhhhhh.

So today I have picked up where I left off 3 weeks ago when I started to paint 3 mirrors, they all have their base coats and I had started decorating the heartshaped one that has hooks, but then put them down and have only just bought them out again.

I have no idea what I am going to do with the other 2, though I think the hand mirror will probably have a vintage floral display on the back of some decription but the square one I am completely in the dark , maybe something more modern.

One of these 3 will be a giveaway in the hopefully not too distant future, but at this rate it could be about Xmas ....I jest you not.
So is there anyone out there who can tell me where to find a revitalised mojo??