Saturday, 4 July 2009

DS2 back yaaaaay ... & WANTED......A Revitalised Mojo

Well tomorrow sees the return of my youngest (18)
He has been to Ibiza for a week with 6 of his 'mates', on his first holiday without 'rents'
I have missed him so much, we have a fabulous relationship with an ongoing banter that I love. He never fails to make me giggle and I just love him so, and tomorrow he's back yippeeeeeeeeeeeee......I told him I just didn't want to turn on the TV and see him on 'Boozy Brits abroad' if it were at all possible, but hey worst things could happen, he could turn it on and see me !!


I'm a little dissillusioned, no deflated, no uninspired, no disinterested, no just plain lost my mojo recently...I haven't painted anything for weeks not sure if thats to do with my last post or not as I'm still creating my new shop and its just becoming abit of a chore now

I was so excited the first time but now that has gone and I'm not even sure if I can be bothered or even if I really want a shop, but really I think I do its just all the prep and as I'm changing sites I'll have to go through getting them to release my domain argggghhhhhh.

So today I have picked up where I left off 3 weeks ago when I started to paint 3 mirrors, they all have their base coats and I had started decorating the heartshaped one that has hooks, but then put them down and have only just bought them out again.

I have no idea what I am going to do with the other 2, though I think the hand mirror will probably have a vintage floral display on the back of some decription but the square one I am completely in the dark , maybe something more modern.

One of these 3 will be a giveaway in the hopefully not too distant future, but at this rate it could be about Xmas ....I jest you not.
So is there anyone out there who can tell me where to find a revitalised mojo??


angel said...

Laj, i thought you were out of sorts, i came by earlier to look in on you and was a bit dissapointed that you hadnt posted, i love reading all about you and what you have done.
You have an amazing sense of humour and a great outlook on life, you truly inspire people and lift us up, i wish there was a way i could lift your spirit.

As for your son coming home, i know how that is, i have a lovely relationship with my kids and feel lost without them, but hey they come home and brighten it up again.

Love you loads honey, i pray you find your Mojo and feel creative again soon, oh and dont let the buggers get you down, cos they aint worth it.

Love and mahoosive hugs honey. Mwah X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X

Elaine said...

Loving it so far. Perfect for my bedroom.

Love and blessings

Caroline said...

I know how it is to look forward to your son coming home. Hope he arrived home safe & well s'sposse you will have to stay tuned to the TV for the next few months to see if he makes his debut appearance...LOL

Poppy said...

If you find your mojo let me have some! Maybe it has something too do with the time of year????
I will look forward to yours returning, what you paint is always so lovely.

I will look out for you and your son on TV! ;0)

Love Lou xxx

Spyder said...

oh wow these are just so for the mojo...mine usually hides under the sofa!