Sunday, 12 July 2009

Teeny paint job and G spots|!

I love my's not large or full of gorgeous blooms, or full of much really but I really do love it. Its a walled garden which I adore and its so very private not overlooked at all.

I have spots around the garden where you can sit. There is the table and chairs I bought from Ebay for a fiver in the little sanctuary at the bottom of the garden under the Russian vine ,lilac tree and someother climber I can't remember name of.

There is the very rough bench that DH made and I just love it looks so old and tatty and that is surrounded by Clematis Montana and is against the side wall

Outside my backdoor I have a small patch which started of with herbs but other 'stuff' has crept in ..a few poppies and some weeds which look right at home and that is under cover with the main garden furniture so yet another place to sit oh and believe it or not there is a sofa we're waiting to get rid of but its been great out there in the summer.

Ha Then we have my sheds.....There is the wooden one which you can see covered in ivy which covers the whole of the l/h side wall too and then the brick one which is to the left of the wooden one and is totally obliterated by the ivy except for the doorway which is at right angles to the wooen shed

Oh theres my little sanctuary again, where DH in the summer if he's at home when I get back from work, can be found with 2 cups of coffee and maybe cake or a biscuit :)
I love my wild tatty private garden I've only shown you little bits as the other bits are too untidy even for me, maybe one day you'll see the pergolas but then again maybe not as we are getting so used to the garden like it is theres no rush ...its normal to us though probably chaos to someone else


I've had this shelf unit in various forms since I was first married (30yrs) and it has always been in my kitchen.

I took it down about 5 yrs agao and it resided in the shed where it got abit damp and at one point had a nest built on it 2 yrs in a row ....I decided to bring it back in and try to revive it

Out came the cream emulsion ...slapped a couple of coats on, distressed it and highlighted with white and voila! 1 not too bad shelf unit back on the kitchen wall where it rightly belongs.

Home now to my adorable pig family which I love and can now look at whilst painting or on the pc :)

Also to some of my paperweights/painted stones which I did in '96 and still like to look at and have around ...they make me smile

Then I have our two old Italian coffee grinders which we still use, though not for a while now, but they were given to us by my husbands great Aunts who both sadly died last year and who we spent many a happy holiday with even though none of us could speak each others language

I added some of my favourite jugs and my lovely Scottish Terrier and said ok thats enough....The pigs, dog, and jugs were my mums who died the day my youngest was due, hes now 18, so its lovely to have her things there in my kitchen, just seems so right


Elaine said...

What a lovely garden, it looks really peaceful.
Love the shelf too.

Love and blessings

Shabby Chick said...

Your garden looks lovely and cosy! Mine needs so much work doing to it that it's not even funny! The shelf makeover is great, they look brilliant :)

Mel xxx

Debbie at the Shabby Bungalow said...

I love your garden - so nice as well not to be overlooked - we are overlooked big time on one side of our bungalow :( Your shelf looks fantastic xxxxx

Lace hearts said...

What a lovely garden, and I adore your paperweights. It's lovely to have things around that we've done in the past. Hope you're getting back on track with your painting. xxx