Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Ebay win,lovely hearts oh and a yucky cabinet

This is my latest win on Ebay I was over the moon as about 5 yrs ago I begrudgingly threw an almost identical one out as I had nowhere for it to go, as rockers take up above average floor space especially if you want to rock in them :)
My last one was unpainted and I made a seat and full length back cushion but this one will definitely be painted, with maybe a floral design on the seat, and be outside the back door with the table and chairs which are under a sort of covered pergoda, which I love as we can sit outside even when its hammering down.
I got it for £4.99 not bad eh? ......she had 2 but I thought a pair would look naff lol...picking it up Friday yaaaaaay.

Now this delightful? bathroom metal cabinet that was in our bathroom when we moved in about 20 yrs ago, its abit worse for wear and is rusty, I'm not sure if it is infact worth saving ...what do you think I've no experience of rust what do I do? and is it worth saving mmmmmmm not sure at all

Not sure why I took the photos of it upside down lol ooooh and you can see the sofa we're dumping ...its been in the garden all so called summer and has been great for just slumping down on and vegitating:)

Now for the lovely bit, if you saw my last post about my dresser you would have seen the lovely heart hanging from the cupboard which the gorgeous Mary Poppins sent to me.

This was my very first heart and after not being overly keen on them, this one heart singulally changed my mind...well then 2 of my lovely blogging buddies didn't like to think I only possessed one heart so the oh so talented Little Gem and the beautiful Mel from Country in the town who incidently has an absolutely fantastic giveaway on her blog,
each sent me a beautiful hanging heart, Mel also sent a mini heart with 2 lavender candles and Gemma sent me one of her amazing handmade brooches.

I was so overcome at these wonderful acts of kindness and thoughtfulness and will be returning their kindness in the future , thank you bothe so much xxxx

Here you can see my gifts all together ......

Mary Poppins sent me the Green floral one, LG the pink and Mel the embroidered one :)

This is the smaller of the 2 hearts Mel sent me and also the lovely handmade brooch from Litte Gem

Close up of Mels heart:)

Little Gems gorgeous brooch and then the lovely card she sent which was made by our own Bloomin Myrtle How lovely is that ?

And there they are all looking stunning and they have really made me happy ..thank you so much girls you are so so lovely mwah xx


Lace hearts said...

How fabulous they all look. I love the rocker - can't wait to see what you do with it.
I'm not sure about the metal cupboard. I haven't dealt with metal... it would need de-rusting, if it's rusted, but not sure how.

Debbie at the Shabby Bungalow said...

That rocking chair is fantastic - so sturdy and I bet it is going to look fantastic painted.

The hearts are all so pretty - I bet you'll have a new obsession now and you'll have hearts everywhere LOL

Re the bathroom cabinet I'm not sure so hope someone can come up with a good idea :)

Shabby Chick said...

Hi hun

I'm so glad you liked your little pressie, a blogger with only one heart is just wrong wrong wrong!!!!!!!!

No idea about the cabinet but I love the rocking chair :)

Mel xxx

Serenata said...

I can't wait to see what you do with the rocking chair. The hearts are lovely.

I'm afraid I would probably dump the bathroom cabinet though.

Karen said...

Hi! Thanks for the brilliant comment!
Love your rocking chair, things I would have if I had room...... a pianio and a day bed, I can dream! Karen

Pam said...

Those hearts are all gorgeous - lucky you!
P x