Tuesday, 29 September 2009

And the winner.....

.............of my Pencil Portrait giveaway is I'm delighted to say the gorgeous  Melmel

This will be a very special portrait and I only hope I can do her brother justice.
So Mel if you could email me some photos I promise I will do my very best for you hun xxxx

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

My Giveaway!!!!!

Following on from my previous post where I found the posters for my Pencil Portraits after cleaning out our sheds on Saturday....
I thought maybe that would be good giveaway, no not the drawings of my son but a portrait of your choice......I think its a good idea ..I've not really thought it through but as long as you have a good clear photo to email to me I can't see a problem ...and the only proviso would be
to allow me to use it for promotion.
The size of the finished drawing would be A4 or smaller if preferred so if you can just leave your comments of why you'd like to win a portrait ......I'll leave it open untill...hmmm not sure really probably a couple of weeks ....if you could spread the word of the giveaway it would be much appreciated.
Hope you like the Giveaway
Thanks so much xxxx

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Just found these in our shed

Over the weekend DH and I have been clearing out our 2 sheds, 1 brick and 1 wooden. We literally emptied EVERYTHING onto the lawn and found stuff we had forgotten about and stuff we wish we could forget about , but alot of it was great to find.I did these pencil portraits about 14/15 yrs ago, they are of my youngest DS who is now 19 and would probably be totally embarrassed by them now , but I used to put them in the windows of local shops and that was how I earned my pennies in those days before FT work.

These 2 photos of DS2 always make me smile I love them and him so much esp the top one with the missing tooth. I used to do fairly well charging £15 for an A4 size drawing. I occasionally do them now but usually only for family and friends.  ….this morning he woke with a hangover.... awww how time flies lol

I am also trying this Window live writer for the first time for blogging and it is soooo much easier to use and great for adding photos…I didn’t realise it was on my PC and will definitely be using it from now on.

EDIT !! When I previewed this post it had overwritten my last post about the corner cabinet but left the comments as if they were for this post and took away some photos I had just put in the side bar ...grrr not such a sinch as I thought :)

Monday, 7 September 2009

Ooooops I've done it again!!

I won a lovely little pine cupboard this evening....I have been wanting a corner cupboard for a while now for the bathroom to hold the toothbrushes , shaving stuff etc.
I just don't like seeing it all on show and I'm not a fan of bathroom cabinets either so when I saw this I was really pleased...bid on it and won and said goodbye to another tenner lol
I was initially thinking of painting it but will wait to see if the wood is as nice a colour as it seems,if so I will leave well alone, as I think it looks lovely

I keep saying I'm not buying anything else and then I just take a peek and I'm snuckered!!

Ha I have just reread this post and had to laugh where I've written that I don't like to see toothbrushes, shaving kit etc lol makes me sound quite anal but I am soooooo not....and don't have a houseproud bone in my body ...as my MIL always said
''A blind man would be glad to see it''
but I think my home would be the exception to the rule...I kid you not ha!

Saturday, 5 September 2009

...and another win....

Just a quickie...
I have just won 12 doors plus drawer fronts in pine for £10....so pleased as the doors we have at present are beech laminate with those long handles which I hate with a passion and being laminate I was reluctant to paint.
These are just what I wanted as I can paint them and change the handles and they are a fairly classic design.
Just got to decide what colour now Cream?....Duck egg blue?....Eau de nil?
Not bad though a kitchen makeover for a tenner :)
Think I am going to get an electric paint sprayer as its so much quicker.

Now I really must keep away from Ebay until I paint and sell some things lol