Friday, 22 June 2012

A Cover up job.....aka DECOUPAGE

I had a go at decoupage a while ago with some old Bisto containers and they were quite successful and I'm still using them now.......

Soooooo I decided to have another go with some tissues and serviettes I had left over of the same design.
My OH is always buying me little bits and pieces he thinks I may like to paint which is how I came to have the wooden words LOVE and HOME.  
I decided to use the serviettes and tissues left over from my previous decoupage project and boy wasn't it messy, just the serviettes sticking to my fingers was bad enough let alone the layer I had applied earlier coming off as I tried to apply another piece next to it ....arrggghhhhh I really don't think I have mastered this craft yet lol.

With the tissues/serviettes used, it does leave the surface alittle creased/crumpled but I must admit to liking this effect lol

I still have quite a few blank MDF coasters I have yet to paint/cover...the last set I did was covered in a script paper which I thought turned out really well...I still love and use them.....

Now this next set have been covered in a FREE SAMPLE of oilcloth I sent for which has been used on 6 of them which again I love how they have turned out .

I love them and think they are ideally used for the kitchen table...
Its amazing what you can use free samples of fabric and wallpaper for....
I have covered small footstools with free fabric samples and framed free wallpaper samples.

This next project used a free wallpaper sample to line the back of the tiny keycupboard.

This was painted..lined with mint green paper...topped with a rose motif and stained and sanded back... voila!!