Sunday, 5 April 2009

Tissue box cover

A few more photos of my latest painting project a tissue box cover....

I was going to paint it pale green withe pink blossom or dog roses but then decided I wanted to try something different and knew full length figures wouldn't show properly 

I really enjoyed painting this tissue box, whether anyone else would want 60s clip art style remains to be seen but I love it

I do only paint what I like really, as many of these items will be displayed (not used) around my home as I do lack storage.

I'm really not sure if I could paint something I didn't like, but there again I supposed you would have to if commissioned to do so, luckily my commisions are of work I have done before so as yet no problem.

I've just realised after looking at the photos that I have put the brunette up without having finished her hair ha! ...........I have finished it here at home but not on the photo so I will have to change that sometime lol

Well its another box next which maybe green with blossom or dog roses hehe xxx


Donna said...

Thats lovely you are so talented

Lace hearts said...

Laj, it's perfect. My jaw always drops to the floor at what you do. Wonderful stuff. xxx

.Homemakers Tales said...

hi Ya gorgeous are they !! do you know what cyder is do you have it where you are ...its mades from apples and they left to ferment like woth beer..its really nice about 6%in strength drunk in pints or halves dont have it often as we dont go to the pub!

Good Times Kieren x

Poppy said...

I love it too, you are one clever lady!
Thanks for your lovely comment!
I hope you have a fab week…love Lou xxx

Tracy said...

wowwow i love your blog..gorgeous works of art and loving your chooks!!!!
Thanks for leaving your lovely comment over on mine.
look forward to popping back.

Shabby Chick said...

I think they're really nice, you've very talented.

Mel xxx

The Vintage Kitten said...

Gorgeous! X

Debbie said...

Wow this is stunning!! :)

Mrs Crafty said...

Really nice. Well done you. It's stunning.

Chick84 said...

Wow, it looks absolutely fab!!! Chick x

shabbygirlmosaics said...

WOW, you're a fantastic artist!! This is great!
I know what you mean about it being hard to paint something you don't really like. I feel the same way with my mosaics, I have quite a few projects that I've started and haven't been able to finish because I just can't get into it.
Keep up the great work, it really is fabulous!!