Sunday, 11 January 2009

Poorly daughter

Haven't had as much time this weekend as I thought I would for my blog ;-(.....but I hope to take more photos in the week with the cra**y camera as DD has borrowed my new one until Saturday

DD has been poorly, vomiting spasmodically, since a week last Friday so has been staying with us, as everyone knows ''home is best'' when were feeling yucky and of course her daddy has loved having her home he says he loves hearing her and the 2 boys laughing together, they all have very similar SOH and have been watching Mel Brookes and Monty Python films...not really my cup of tea.
Anyway shes back at her apartment (since when did we start calling flats apartments!!) and her job tomorrow...but she'll be back next weekend.

I've got to think of something to do for Ebaby of Shabby Chic as I am sending to her in the January swap, and the theme is Cath Kidston so I am flicking through her catalogue for inspiration which is not happening yet

I 've only been involved in 1 swap so far but am amazed at the talent and thought that is put into these swaps they really are wonderful to see and receive, but I've really got to put my thinking cap on as I'm not very familiar with CK so Ebaby beware !

Also I have ''stuff'' to sort out as a giveaway which I will post about on here, hopefully sometime this week...I always think they are fun.
Right I am off to make pack ups and cut eldest sons hair and wash his work clothes that he forgot to bring down ......ARRRGGGHHHHH.... don't you love 'em

Nite Nite till next time xx

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