Tuesday, 13 January 2009

My little Giveaway

These are 2 Liberty of London fabric photo frames, the portrait one measuring 16cms x 12 cms and the landscape one 13.5cms x 17cms

They do'nt have acetate or glass in them , whether they did as new I'm not sure but they ain't now!!....
If you'd like to win either of these frames just post a little comment about what photo you would put in the frame and why....oh and remember to say which shape landscape or portrait you would like to win

Good luck xxxxx

PS.....I don't know why theres a humungus gap below this post......or how to get rid of it ;-(
All suggestions gratefully received.......buggar where did that line come from......time for my bed methinks nite all xxxx


Anonymous said...

I think that rail announcement is needed at the end of your post "Mind the gap" .... LOL

Lovely giveaway ... blog progressing very well! xxx

angel said...

Go to edit blog and then erm edit it........... lol, silly billy, its the sorta fing i would do, but i never thought you would do such a erm... fingy......... have i won yet........ *smile*

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm been thinking ... I think the big gap is to demonstrate suspense ... you know like on Strictly Come Dancing when they say "The winner is ................................................................

I'm probably making no sense...LOL

Sandie xxxxxxxxxxxx

Lace hearts said...

Let's try from my work pooter. Can I leave a comment, and if so, can I please enter. Can you edit the post and delete any gaps in the edit? x

Lajoni said...

WAAAHAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY.....I doned it...I tried editing it yesterday but when I did it with something else I deleted the whole lot lol
Thanks girls xxxx

Mary Poppins said...

Ohooo good question Lajoni, Mmmmm let me think

Didn't take long :) It would be of course my darling and precious children, black and white to bring out the gorgeous frames, it would be a photograph of them playing in the park,
thank you for giving me the opportunity to enter your woderful and special giveaway :)



debbie said...

Gorgeous frames! I agree with Mary that they need something that doesn't fight with the lovely fabric design so I would put some old music manuscript in them. x
I can offer no advice on technical things --- my blog is bare due to my abject technofailure!!

Lajoni said...

and the winners are in no particular order

Maypole and Lace Hearts

Thanks for entering ladies and if you would be so kind as to email me your addresses on the way out I will forward the frames asap

Oh who wants which one ...you can sort that out and let me know lol

Mary Poppins said...

Well done girls, perfect winners :)


Lace hearts said...

I'm so thrilled - thank you! Happy for you to choose/put us in a hat. x

Elaine said...

Well done Lacey and Maypole

Loving your blog Lajoni, when are we going to see some of your wooden goodies for sale then???

Love and blessings

Lajoni said...

Thanks Elaine....I seem to be all talk at the mo lol....have sourced blanks today will order ..pick up and then paint so I DON'T KNOW ARRGGHHH got to make myself a shop yet eeeeeeeeeeeek I'm no good at this stuff think I'll stick it all on shabby ;-)

Knitty, Vintage and Rosy said...


Thanks for dropping by my blog. The bedside pocket stays in place by tucking the unused length between the mattresses. Just by the weight of the mattress it stays in place even if the pocket is filled. Use a long length of fabric such as a runner or dresser scarf as shown in my photo.

Good Luck,

Knitty, Vintage and Rosy

Greedy Nan said...

Please enter me in your draw and if I win, I will put a picture in the frame [lol]. (:~})=