Thursday, 29 December 2011

Even more photo blocks :)

I'm loving doing the photo blocks and love that they evoke memories for those that buy them...I had a couple of commisions for Christmas one was from a Nanna who wanted 2 sets, 1 each for her daughters of their 2 boys....

The top set was for 1 of her daughters and SILs of their 2 boys and the other was for her other lovely daughter and SIL of their 2 boys.
I incorporated the parents in there too on a couple of photos.

I was able to put the name of each boy on one of their relevant photos.

I then did a set for a young girl to give to her best friend *Holly* whom she had shared many great times with Brownies .... Fancy dress parties ... nativity plays etc

I think they make a great present for a best friend :)


Mollymop5 said...

I'm Molly, Holly's best friend.My mam was the one who ordered the blocks and I helped her choose what pictures to put on.Thankyou for using your time to make these wonderful blocks.My best friend loves them and I do too.You are very talented. Much appreciated,
Love Molly

Lajoni said...

Thank you Molly, it's really kind of you to come on and leave's always good to hear. You are very lucky to have such a special friendship and I hope it lasts for years to come x