Saturday, 7 January 2012

The childrens painted furniture

When the chldren were small we bought quite alot of second hand furniture for their rooms and I took great delight in giving it a makeover by painting on some of their favourite animation characters.

The first piece to be made over was the *Gentlemens wardrobe* which was ideal for a child, as it was fairly small but with extra shelving did just the job.
So that was painted with *Snow White and the 7 dwarfs*

My daughter loved it and to be honest so did I lol...the robe was so useful that after she outgrew it I repainted and distressed it, took out the inner fitments and OH fitted 4 full width shelves, and put it in the bathroom to hold some sheets and towels and I still love it ...the best £2.50 spent in a long while :)

My daughters next piece was a low chest of 3 drawers which were bedside table height. These I painted with *Alice*..*Lady & the tramp*...*Dumbo* and *Mickey and Minnie mouse*

Crikey looking at these bring back so many memories as it must have been 25 yrs ago that I did them.

Now for my boys...
They didn't have robes but cupboards with drawers instead .....

With this cupboard I was trying to paint vintage type toys and with the tall narrow chest of 5 drawers that you can just see in the top photo I painted on a castle...then....
OH took the top 3 drawers out, I painted it blue and my daughter had it when she was a teen and it held her music system ....then...they were painted cream then sanded back and are now in our bedroom along with the cuboard which is cream and sanded back too
Those drawers were mine when I was small, not quite antique yet though lol
The next cupboard is still in the same state today as I painted it then and is in dire need of a makeover...can't throw these great cupboards away as they are such useful pieces of furniture and I love that they can be painted or wallpapered as this next one is going to be.

Awww my boys, now 25 & 21, loved *Thomas the Tank* and *The Teenage Ninja Turtles* and I must admit to loving the Turtle films too....I really dont know how many times I have seen those 3 films...brilliant!!
I also used to know all of Thomas the tanks friends but would be hard pressed to name one noe ..oooh James lol I loved him the cute little red one.

Well these pieces of furniture have certainly lasted us throughout the years and have changed appearances a number of times but I still love them and the memories they bring back :)


Highland Monkey's said...

They are brilliant. No wonder your kids loved them, you must have gritted your teeth when you painted over them....I don't know if I could have!! It's nice they have lasted so long and you are still putting them to good use.

aline said...

Does it not bring tears to your eyes looking back?

Madison said...

How bloomin' talented are you?! They look lovely and if you ever get stuck with the names of Thomas and his friends give me a shout cos I know them all!

Madison xxx

Lace hearts said...

Your work is so brilliant and these pieces are stunning. How lucky your children were. I'm so proud to own an original artwork from you. xxx

Thecraftytrundler said...

You are just soooooo talented!!! What lucky children : )

Sharon xx

Alison Emily said...

Amazing lajo so so talented love your painted furniture which saw by accident as was looking at decopage I need to get cracking on some of my own love blossom x