Saturday, 21 January 2012

White on white words

I so love words and script on anything, whether it be fabric, paintings or wallpaper I just love it.

I have been experimenting with some bought letters and canvases, which I have had for a while now, and not known what to do with, the canvases not the letters.

Well my daughter saw online some white on white letters on canvas which she loved but wasn't going to pay the reduced price of £125.00!!!!!but thought she would ask me everso sweetly if I could make her some so I did but was so happy with them I kept them lol...was that so wrong?

Then hubby bought me a couple of standing words which I have yet to paint, decoupage or leave as they are....think I may paint LOVE and leave home haha!

Now a friend of mines husband does scripted canvases but his are of a far superior quality and designs...he did his first 15 years ago you can see and buy his stunning work here at his Folksy shop *SCRIPTED-CRAFT* and soon from his new website which is under development....I think you'll agree his work is just beautiful.
He can make up your own designs too...amazing prices for the time he spends creating these works of art.


Highland Monkey's said...

125pounds gosh that's a lot. Your's are brilliant. What a nice hubs you have to buy you such nice pressies.

Lace hearts said...

Just catching up with posts. Your letters and canvases are stunning. And your home looks soooooooo tidy and neat and posh! And dust free! And fresh. And clean. And did I say neat? And tidy?!
And thank you. A huge thank you. That is so kind. xxx