Saturday, 17 December 2011

Christmas swap

Over on the Shabby chic forum I entered the Christmas swap, which entailed swapping ONE present plus any amount of chocolates, we ladies lurve our chocolate :)

My swap partner was Blossom and I received mine on Wednesday which was a cute cookie frame with a  sweet little cross stitch plus a gorgeous bag of sweets, that I have yet to find where she bought them, as the whole family agreed they were just gorgeous.

Aren't they just so sweet.

I sent to Blossom some of my blocks which it turned out she was very happy with.....

I still really love doing these and have so many new ideas for the new year.

Am now off to try and find the surface of my kitchen table as that is where I do all my creating, I just wasn't aware it is where your supposed to this a new idea?????

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Lace hearts said...

What a perfect swap. Impressed at anyone who swaps at Christmas, as I'm always so panicked by sorting gifts as it is. Your blocks, I'll say again, are gorgeous! xxx