Sunday, 20 November 2011

Christmas blocks and a set for the Orkney Isles

I was commisioned by a dear friend for a set of blocks depicting 'CHRISTMAS' for her daughter, so with 9 letters there were 45 other images to sort ...thats the fun part lol

Sometimes the difficulty is choosing which images to discard after I have chosen too many or not having enough images depending on the word being depicted.

The next commision was from a lady who lived in a remote old cottage on the Orkney Isles surrounded by farmland and lovely beaches.  She wanted to put the blocks on a dresser her husband was making for her and she wanted the word 'COOK' .....

I emailed the above photos and thankfully she loved them as did her husband, as it is always a worry if you've done a good job or not ...but so far so good :) 


Anonymous said...

No need to worry with those .... they are just beautiful!

Brilliant work - love the gentle colours.

Anonymous said...

Magnificent! (As usual. :-P )
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Anonymous said...

They are the ones you made for my daughter Laj! WOW they are really beautiful and i know she adores them.


Lajoni said...

Than you angel so pleased she liked them xxx