Sunday, 26 August 2012

Ist craft fair

I will be experiencing selling at my first craft fair in November, to say I am nervous is an understatement.
I am busy trying to build up stock as I hold very little, as most of my work is personalised, so therefore commissioned.
I have a couple of items to show which are to my liking but know will not be to everyones taste...I really can't make items I don't love myself ..not a good business ruling lol

The first tray was painted with Annie Sloan chalk paint which I bought in a couple of shades as many people were raving about it, but infact I found using fairly standard emulsions achieved the same results, I think its the waxing that makes or breaks the project.
Having AS in the selling shpeel can't hinder either.
After painting I cut out 5 pairs of very detailed Vintage scissor grahics and tweeked a bit with some acrylic paints....all finished with a coating of wax et Voila!

The next tray was handpainted with a French sign to do with breakfast and chocolate, that was good enough for me lol. 
Again AS chalk paint...sign with acrylic paints then waxed 

 These will be going with me to the craft fair in November along with, I hope, many more items I have finished.


Blossom said...

I think the items are lovely - and unusual - which is what people will be looking.

Out of interest, did you use a stencil for the writing on the French sign? I am not sure I would have the patience or good enough calligraphy skills to do it freehand myself!

Hope the sale goes well.

Lajoni said...

Thank you....glad you like them....with the French one it was part freehand and part tracing as patience isn't one of my assets either lol.

Handmade soap said...

Hope your fair goes well, A little nerves is no bad thing!!