Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Internet was down so lots of painting done :)

Thanks to some delightful people pinching the telephone cables, to sell the copper wiring, from the centre of our village, we were left phoneless and minus internet from last Thursday until today, which strangely didn't affect me as much as I thought it would and I got quite abit done....

Quite a few photos coming up, so are you sitting comfortably...:)

I had a dresser given to me by a very dear friend, quite a while ago and painted it a couple of weeks back but had forgotten to show photos....my friends just adore photos
So here is the before which I love ....

but it just wouldn't have fitted the decor in our room so it had to be painted and here it is now....

The bits on it won't be staying but they'll do for now....I added abit of detail to the knobs as they were impossible to remove easily, having had pieces of doweling type wood inserted and glued at the back of each handle.

Then about 18mths ago my children bought me a mirror I saw on Ebay,,,I was in 2 minds about it as it was gold and I'm not a fan but I had it and painted that too when I did the dresser....
I haven't got a before photo though there is one on here somewhere 18 mths ago lol

Also I want to share with you all a lovely picture my dear friend Aline sent me.  She was trying out sewing on teabag fabric? new to me but she saw the delightful results another friend had got and wanted to try and this was one of the results which I absolutely adore .....
I gave a canvas a pale green wash and glued her picture onto it and then painted stitching around her picture and also the canvas edge and then hung it where I will always see it as that is where I do all my painting and computing :)

And on my table are the beautiful glasses case and mobile phone cover I bought from another lovely friend Lace Hearts at her Sew Happy shop which can be found on Facebook and Folksy too :) ...I just adore the fabrics she uses, so different from anywhere else.

Now on to more recent painting....

Firstly is the dressing table hand mirror.  I love script and this was my first attempt at it, very faintly behind the rosebuds, will definitely be doing this again.

This will be going into my blogshop soon.

This next mirror was crying out for a nautical scene and I think its quite cute :)

Finally a heart mirror with a row of useful hooks for keys...scented hearts...necklaces etc

These were all fun to do and stopped me from missing the internet too much lol....amazing how much I can get done when I put my mind to it and not the web ha!


Mark said...

Wow, you ARE an Artist!
Great job! Makes me want to paint something now. Just stumbled across you blog, thought this was a great project and wanted to tell you so.

Beki said...

Was only thinking of you today and how quiet you'd been.
You have been busy, love it all!

B xxx

Anonymous said...

Great work ... well done with all the painting. I love the dresser and mirror .... (both mirrors!) How talented you are.

Love Aline's picture ... she's a dark horse that one.

Kerri said...

Nice blog! I love the dresser and would have done the same thing, also with the mirror :) Just gorgeous! oh, and the hand mirror turned out really pretty. You are very talented. God bless!

Have a nice week!


Thecraftytrundler said...

Just love everything!!! What a great idea to put script on the dresser knobs too : )

Happy Painting : )

Sharon xx

aline said...

Love all your things Laj and I do like the way you have displayed the picture, thank you x

Highland Monkey's said...

Wow, you have painted some lovely things. Can't choose which I like best they are all beautiful. Aline is keeping her talents close isnt she!!

angel said...

WOW Your Fingy looks wonderful! You are a true artist.:)
Aline's picture is brilliant too!


Lace hearts said...

Your painting is fabulous, as always. I love the knobs, what a gorgeous finishing touch. And Aline's picture is special, and now looks extra special with the treatment you've given it. As for the teeny little bits I made, you are so kind in what you say about my Sew Happy shop - thank you for that. xxx

Debbie @ The Shabby Bungalow said...

Wow you have been busy you are just so talented. I absolutely love that dresser it looks so fresh now that it is painted. you really put me to shame I have done no crafting whatsoever for ages perhaps I need no internet lol !!!!!!

Tracy said...

I love what you did with the dresser and the doorknobs..gorgeous!!!
Alines picture is stunning and love what you did with it too!!
Wishing you a great weekend.

Madison said...

Er...I'm thinking I want to come and live in your house, please.

Madison xxx