Monday, 26 October 2009

Lovely Gifts and Arty Farty

 I got home from work today to find I had received the most gorgeous heart from my SCC friend Beki
I saw one similar it in her shop and on FB and loved the material but it was not suprisingly sold ....very folk arty which I love so I was thrilled to find she had sent me one as a thank you for a tiny bit of help I gave her
Beki hunny thank you so very much it means alot to me :)

And if that wasn't enough she also included some really pretty CK tissues which I am actually going to try some decoupage with...wish me luck

On Sunday my DD dragged me screaming to Fosse Park shopping centre ...she does this occasionally as I'm the only one who will give her my honest opinion on whatever she trys on and I tend to get her to try things on she wouldn't normally and she usually ends up buying them so anyway she bought me this lurvely purse/wallet  20x11cms and I love it....don't really like UJ stuff but I think its the subdued colours I love on this I have really been spoilt ...thank you girls xxxxx

Now who do you think would buy this coaster with a daisy on....hmmmm sorry but no prizes for a
 correct answer.  I added the name and a pretty pink hanging ribbon with bow.

Well I think this has become a very strange post ...nothing is where I wanted it and the text is all over the place, I think it will take me a while to get my head round this new format.
I am really enjoying my painting and drawing at the moment and have so many ideas I want to try but sometimes not the energy to attempt them.
I really have to leave the arty farty stuff until the weekends as after work am just too knackered after making teas and pack-ups ......... the mojo just aint havin' none of it!


MelMel said...

You're such a talented painter...they are

Mary Poppins said...

I love the dancers on the ribbon, so cute. I thought your photographs and text looked fine to me :)

Yes I cannot think who would go for the daisy one, now let me see ;)

Any more Daisy inspiration, please let me know :)



Unknown said...

SO pretty!!! love your style of painting hun!
More please!!!! ( well my maiden name was Oliver!;~) )
Annie x

Beki said...

Love the way your photos have come out, now why can't I do that?
No need to thank me hun, it was a pleasure to make and send to you :)
Love the purse, you're right, the subdued colours are great. I have to admit to having a bit of a soft spot for UJ bits but some are a bit OTT aren't they.
You have a lovely daughter and you can tell her I said so.
Bex xxx

Debbie @ The Shabby Bungalow said...

Love your coasters Laj - you really are talented with your painting. Love that UJ purse - it has a really vintage feel to it. The red and cream heart is just my kind of thing as well - lucky you:) thanks for your lovely comments on my blog - I am tending not to say on SCC every time I blog as I am not taking part that much - I find I can't keep up with the posts on there sometimes even though I love it there :)I don't want the girls thinking I only pop in to show something off on my blog! LOL

Spyder said...

Love the hearts