Monday, 8 October 2012

More bits for the fair....

1 x Letter rack
1 x Old Italian tray
1 x Dressing table mirror

All decoupaged.. 
I love this craft as it is so quick and relatively easy so really anybody can do it.

The tray has yet to be aged and varnished. 


Lace hearts said...

You're building up quite a gorgeous collection. I wish the fair was closer and I could see it all together. I'll be it will look so lovely. Mind you, I know time's an issue, but you could paint those flowers rather than decoupage them and charge heaps and heaps in a posh shop! xx

Lajoni said...

Seems to me a majority of people are not too bothered about something being hand painted ....if you can get the same/similar effect with decoupage and charge less they are happy...I enjoy the speed of this as I do get bored easily and think I will enjoy hand painting the personalised items more now, well thats the plan lol xx